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Friday, 05 April 2019 12:31

Education Ministry to revamp Nursery Education

─ as ministry holds workshop involving key stakeholders in Nursery Education

The Ministry of Education stresses that it is of pivotal importance that children be afforded the best and most stimulating learning environment from the Nursery level.

In this regard, the Ministry of Education has embarked on several programmes geared at revamping the quality of education being delivered to nursery-aged learners, with the National Early Childhood Education Conference being held at the Guyana Marriott Hotel today.

The workshop themed “Investing in quality early childhood education for successful lifelong learning” is part of the ministry’s continuous efforts to improve the delivery of nursery education nationwide.

Assistant Chief Education Officer (Nursery), Samantha Williams cited the importance of quality education from the onset. “We strive to build a Guyana where citizens are offered equal and equitable opportunities to be educated and to realise their true potential.”news 20190405 22

Several breakout sessions will be facilitated in areas ranging from identifying and supporting learners with developmental delays to literacy and empowering and engaging fathers in schools.

“The National Early Childhood Conference promises to be an exciting one that will undoubtedly raise an awareness in how we provide learning experiences to suit the needs, interests and abilities of our learners,” she 20190405 24

Over the last few years, the ministry has invested heavily in interventions geared at improving student performance at all levels nationally.

The two-day Nursery Education Sector Workshop is expected to revamp the way education is delivered to nursery level learners and is in keeping with the ministry’s aim to modernise education, eliminate illiteracy and improve tolerance within the Education sector.


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