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Sunday, 15 July 2018 09:25

Region Seven NGSA Top Students honoured

- Urged to be “rounded Guyanese”

Yesterday, Minister of Social Cohesion, Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr. George Norton accompanied by the Director of Sport, Mr. Christopher Jones, and Chief Education Officer, Mr. Marcel Hutson congratulated the top 10 students of Region Seven (Cuyuni – Mazaruni) at this year’s National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA).

At the Learning Resource Centre in Bartica, The Chief Education Officer told the gathering of students, teachers and parents that the current objective of the Ministry of Education is to achieve at least 50% passes and above in all subject areas.
He said that it is understood that there may be factors operating against this goal in some regions, particularly the riverine areas, in terms of access to certain materials.
However, the CEO noted that those matters will be addressed in collaboration with the regional administration. He said that there is the Hinterland Improvement Project which has several components such as teacher training which addresses content and methodology.
"We are looking now to use technology in education delivery to ensure that content can be taught in hinterland communities by teachers on the coast and in the city. Class and status must not stop people from excelling, and that is the vision of the state. To bring everyone on one level…So a child being educated in Georgetown must be equivalent to a child being educated in Bartica”, Mr. Hutson said.
Minister of Social Cohesion, Dr. George Norton in his remarks noted that it is the policy of the government to create an equal playing field. Further, he told the students that Guyana needs rounded people, “it is not all work and no play.” He urged them to get involved in sports and other extra-curricular activities so that they can develop rounded personalities.
Referring to the parents, Minister Norton said that they need to be around their children to assist them as they continue to grow and develop. He stressed the importance of teachers in the education process and commended them for the work they continue to do to educate the nation’s children.
Meanwhile, Director of Sports within the Ministry of Social Cohesion, Mr. Christopher Jones advised parents and teachers that information technology must not be seen as a distraction to learning but should be used to complement education delivery.
He said, “Information technology is the future and of course we want our children to have access to same. His Excellency the President would have reiterated time and time again that he wants to bridge the gap between the coast and hinterland region.”
Mr.Jones commended the region, the parents and teachers for the work that was done by the children since their performance shows that the children within the region are advancing. “It can only get better”, he said.
Regional Education Officer for the region, Mr. Akbar Chindu said despite challenges, within the next two years, there will be a great improvement in the performance of the region at the NGSA as initiatives continue to be implemented. He said that this will be achieved with the necessary support from all stakeholders.
During the engagement, Minister Norton along with the Director of Sport took the opportunity to make contributions towards the development of sports in the region by donating a number of sporting gears to several communities.
The top students in the region were each given the “Guyana at 50” Independence Anniversary commemorative book along with tokens by private sector partners Ansa McAl Trading (Guyana) and Sueria Manufacturing Inc.
The top students within the region are Kenneth Edwards, Gedianna Hastings, Amesha Persaud, Dante Adams, Gideon Jacobs, Amallia Vanlage, Kadyanna Fagundes, Sholanna Seeram, Mark Benjamin and Xavier Williams.

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