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Tuesday, 08 May 2018 15:27

Response to issues highlighted in the Press.

These are responses to a number of issues that would have been in the press recently.

1.Alleged molestation of West Coast Berbice primary school students
2.Former student disappearing with teacher
(May 7th, 2018) - Recently there were a number of concerns raised with regards to the education sector in the media. The Ministry of Education (MoE) believes that it is our duty to clarify and respond to these since the public has a right to be informed.
The Guyana Times newspaper recently carried a worrying article about nine students of a West Coast Berbice Primary school were allegedly molested by a deportee. Upon learning about this a fact finding mission was conducted at the school.

The mission revealed that contrary to what was articulated in the Guyana Times, the man’s improper conduct and advances were not done in the confines of the school grounds. Based on information gathered from the students who were approached by the individual, the incident happened at another location.
It should be noted that it was the vigilance of the teachers that resulted in the man being arrested by the police. The MoE wants to make it clear that none of the children were sexually molested but some improper encounter did occur.
Since the incident at the institution the Regional Education Officer and a team of education officials have visited the school and gave support to the teachers and encourage them to continue to be vigilant and to engage the children and parents.

The MoE through the Chief Schools Welfare Officer and the Senior Guidance and Counselling Officer will be facilitating counselling for both parents and pupils. Home visits are also scheduled so that the correct support can be given to the children and their parents.
In another article in the Kaieteur Newspaper captioned “Secondary School Teacher, former student disappear after leaked video”, when an investigation was conducted by the MoE it was found that the teacher in question taught the former student in grade 10 of the 2015-2016 academic year and there was no inappropriate relationship at that time between the teacher in question and the now former student. The young lady left school in July 2017 after completing her CSEC examination.

3.Queen’s College Infrastructure

Following reports of the physical facilities and other infrastructure of Queen’s College being in a dilapidated state, education officers from the Department of Education, Georgetown along with an engineer from the Ministry of Education, visited the school on Monday April 30th, 2018 to conduct a site inspection.
The visit revealed that routine repairs and maintenance work were needed, these include
a.Repairs to roof of east and west wings and the administrative building,
b.Painting, installation of cupboards, repairs to walls and ceilings of science labs
c.Repairs to stairway
d.Maintenance of playground.

A decision was made to allocate eleven million dollars ($11,000,000) to be spent on works identified at items a-c while the Board of Governors and the Department of Education will address item d.
The rehabilitation work identified at items a-c will be done during the August vacation and the weeding is to be done by May 11, 2018 depending on the prevailing weather conditions.

4.Issues and Understaffing at Friendship Primary School, Region No. 2

On Thursday May 3rd, 2018 a team from the Department of Education Region Two visited the Friendship Primary School. This visit was done to investigate serious allegations that were made in the press and at the level of the Regional Democratic Council.
A number of issues were highlighted during the visit and it was decided that a request be made for corrective measures to be taken at the school.

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