Ministry of Education, Guyana

Wednesday, 11 April 2018 11:42

Ministry of Education meeting with Mae's school

Today a team of Ministry of Education (MoE) officials met with the management of Mae’s School to discuss the proposed 42% school fee hike.

The MoE’s team lead by the Chief Education Officer Mr. Marcel Hutson, comprised of the MoE Legal Officer Ms. Kellyanne Payne-Hercules along with Ms. Doodmattie Singh, MoE Private School Coordinator and National Parent Teachers Association Coordinator Ms. Nadia Hollingsworth.
Representing Mae’s were Ms. Lucinda Mc Curdy, Administration (Ag), Ms. Megan Archer, Director-Primary and Ms. Shaundell Beckles- Deputy Director- Primary. The two sides met and had a fruitful discourse with a view of arriving at resolution that is acceptable to the school and parents of children at the early possible time.
In two weeks the MoE and the Mae’s team is scheduled to have another interface on the way forward.

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