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Wednesday, 07 March 2018 08:29

Parents, we need you, PTA Coordinator tells Mabaruma residents

news MoE townhall meeting reaches Region One

In its quest to ensure equity across the education sector, the Ministry of Education (MoE) today took its townhall meeting initiative to the hinterland town of Mabaruma in Region One-Barima Waini.
At the Mabaruma Learning Resource Centre, parents from a number of adjoining villages gathered as the MoE continues to work with the communities to ensure parents understand and play a more integral role in educating their children.
Minister of Education Hon Nicolette Henry, has been advocating Government's vision for a closer relationship between the MOE, the schools and parents to ensure children have the best opportunity to maximize and realise their full potentials.
In her address to the gathering, Coordinator of the National Parent Teachers Association (PTA) Ms. Nadia Hollingsworth said that multiple studies have shown that children whose parents collaborate and cooperate with schools, many times churn out exceptional results and that it is important for parents to play a more active role.
Hollingsworth said for quite some time the MoE has been spending billions but the results at the end of a number of exams were not favourable.
She said that it was important that everyone understand that the PTA is not about parents alone, but the importance of the teachers cannot be overemphasized in this process.
"Without the parents' involvement, the education process will have a disconnect and will hinder that process" the Coordinator stated.
She said many times parents and guardians expect 'magic' from teachers but some are unwilling to assist in the process. According to Hollingsworth, parents have a duty to ensure that their children benefit from a proper education.
The coordinator said many times parents advance a number of arguments for being unable to assist their children. Chief among them she said is the argument that they (parents) lack the requisite knowledge to assist the children. "I don't believe that... if you don't understand find someone that does".
Additionally, she pointed out that at the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) examination over 9000 pupils sit that examination and when CSEC is written only about 5000 Children sit that exam.
She said that a few thousand cannot be accounted for and said the evidence points to them dropping out of school and that it is issues like these that the MoE seek parents involvement to eradicate.
She urged the region to have a vibrant PTA so that performances in Region One can continue to improve. The former teacher said that parents should be exposed to their children school curriculum so that they can play a more meaningful role in assisting them at home since they are at home for more than 15 hours daily.
She said that it is the hope of the MoE that all our children matriculate at an early age and initiatives like the town hall meetings will assist in this regard.
Regional Education Officer (REDO) for Region One Nigel Richards told parents and guardians that the PTA plays an important role in the management of the school. He said the association should be engaged in home visits to articulate to parents what are the plans for the development of that particular school over the next two years.
"You cannot have a PTA doing nothing", He said, the PTA has a moral obligation to work in the best interest of the children". He said sometimes neglectful parents contribute to social ills experienced by children and admonished them to refrain from such practices.
According to Regional Chairman Brentnol Ashley, the region shares the same vision of the MoE and that parents, administrators and educators must work with the goal to improve the human resources in the region. He called for other such meetings in the neighbouring sub-regions.
The MoE last year started townhall meetings across the country to work with parents and communities to improve the standard of education nationally.


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