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Wednesday, 21 February 2018 08:09

Teacher Upgrading Programme relaunched in Paramakatoi

Education for all is government's objective and after four years of waiting for financial support, the number of trained teachers in Region Eight schools will be increased. The Ministry of Education through the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE) today relaunched the Teachers Upgrading Programme at the Paramakatoi Centre, at the Paramakatoi Secondary School, North Pakaraima. 

The Hon. Nicolette Henry, Minister of Education led a team comprising Chief Education Officer, Mr. Marcel Hutson, Dr Allison Thomas Vice-Principal (Development), Ms Noella Josephs Vice President (Administration) and Mr Vivian Marco, Distance Education Coordinator.
The first programme was implemented in 1999 but it experienced a lull in the period 2005-2006 because of various unforeseen circumstances including financial reasons and also because of the terrain but this time around there are 68 untrained teachers who are in need of upgrading. They will access the professional Trained teachers Certificate Programme offered by CPCE. news 20180222
The lot includes three secondary school teachers while the others are from the primary and nursery levels.
The standard upgrading programme will be conducted by CPCE through a locally based Coordinator for a maximum duration of two years. Some students require only Mathematics or English while others require both and as such, the first year of training will be concentrated on Mathematics and English while for the second year the focus will be social studies and science.
Previously, the upgrading programme was funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) Guyana Basic Education Teacher training (GBET) but was taken over by the Ministry of Education in 2002.
The estimated cost for this current training is $21, 177, 000 annually as submitted by the 'Regional Education Officer (REdO) Mr Rabindranauth Singh in his 2014 proposal. The face to face training will be done during the School holiday periods Easter, August and December.
The first face to face tutorial begins on April 4th. 2018. news 20180221 2
Vice President Dr Thomas said that the teachers’ foundation programme is intended to offer equal educational opportunities and to prepare more trained teachers. The College is hopeful that the Associate Degree programme will soon be introduced.
"Students, we are counting on you to make the best of this opportunity...make the necessary commitment be proactive, seek help from tutors as you strive to be successful at the course," Dr Thomas admonished.
CEO Hutson said, "we in the Ministry of Education are seriously concerned about learning and are happy that this will help to bring the regions in the hinterland and riverain on par. We want to ensure that there are parity and equity, hence teacher training to produce proper students."
Training has it significant positives: raises standards of learning, creates a conducive learning environment for students, problem-solving, supporting the vision for planning and coordinating to lift standards for quality learning 20180221 1
Minister of Education, Hon. Nicolette Henry said that the Ministry wanted to remove from the equation the long distance travelling teachers in the region would have to make in order to get the trained teachers certificate. “We want to see all our people have the good life through education and this is the track we are aiming for. As Minister of Education, I am expecting great things. A quality education will allow all of us to take our rightful place as part of the Education and unification process of Guyana. We believe in the development of our people."
Reflecting on the improvements, Minister Henry noted that she looks forward to sustained improvements and great results.
“Education is the bedrock for development. People come from unexpected places and very humble beginnings and achieve great things and I believe that we may even have future Ministers among us.”
Minister Henry stressed the need for dedication towards the realization of value for money via successful completion of all student teachers.
Trainee teachers for the upgrading programme are drawn from 18 villages in Region 8 sub-region 1. These include Paramakatoi, Chiung Mouth, Bamboo Creek, Chenapou, Itabac, Kaibarupai, Kurukubaru, Kanapang, Kopinang, Kamana, Monkey Mountain, Waipa, Tuseneng, Kato and Karisparu, Maikwak, Taruka.

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