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Tuesday, 16 January 2018 14:34

‘Mock’ exam for National Grade Six children

… as NGSA draws near
As the Ministry of Education (MOE) prepares for the sitting of National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) on March 28th and 29th, efforts are intensifying to ensure that pupils across the country are familiar with what to expect while being exposed to a similar examination setting.

Towards this end, the MOE today held NGSA mock (trial) examinations across all primary schools throughout the country. According to Director of the National Center for Education Research Development (NCERD), Jennifer Cumberbatch, today has been set aside for the sitting of Mathematics paper one and two.
Cumberbatch explain that such an approach is necessary to ensure that pupils acquaint themselves with the examination since there will not be much difference aside from the questions come March 28 and 29. The Director underscore the importance of a collaborative approach between teacher, parents and the MOE if additional gains are to be made. news 20180116 1
Further, Ms. Cumberbatch is of the view that such an approach (mock exam) augurs well for the continued improvement of grades amongst grade six pupils. An upbeat Ms. Cumberbatch explained that she is confident that NGSA grades will continue to improve. The director’s optimism was premised on the fact that since the emergency intervention by the current administration to address low pass rates in mathematics at the National Grade Six level, much improvement has been made.
The objective of the mock examination according to the NCERD Director is to inform teachers where weaknesses exist with a view to correcting them. Further, Cumberbatch explained that upon the completion of marking of the mock exams test scripts, scores will be forwarded to the respective Regional Education Offices which in turn will forward the same grades to central Ministry.
She said that today’s examination is not for ‘show’ but the grades will be subjected to a thorough analysis after which the necessary actions will be taken. The director said that her Ministry will have enough time to ‘pick apart the results’ and she is confident of better results in 2018 compared to 2017.
The MOE has embarked on increased monitoring and evaluation of schools and teachers to ensure that the methodologies used for the teaching of mathematics and other subjects are in conformity with the best practice set out by the Education Ministry. Added to that, Ms. Cumberbatch said that evaluators will continue to visit schools to offer support and that such an approach should not be seen as a punitive one.


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