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Tuesday, 18 October 2011 17:49

110 English, math teachers complete training programme

Some 110 English and mathematics teachers of poor performing secondary schools throughout the country recently completed a one week training programme hosted by the National Centre of Educational Resource Development (NCERD).

The initiative which targeted fifth form students, aims to improve the content base of teachers in these two areas, as well as to equip them with strategies to improve students’ learning outcomes.

The programme was part of an ongoing effort by NCERD to continuously improve the competence of teachers in these and other subject areas.Subject specialist Parikhan Ram working with teachers

The mathematics programme was delivered by subject specialists Mohandatt Goolsarran, Joseph Mc Kenzie, Krishna Prashad and Peter Wintz while Bibi Ali, Ingrid Fung, Rajkumarie Singh, Parikhan Ram and Sandra Persaud imparted the English programme.

Apart from training programmes, the Education Ministry through NCERD has distributed CDs with complete lessons in English A and mathematics at the CSEC level to all schools, resource personnel at NCERD have been assigned to work with schools that need assistance in these two areas and headteachers have been asked to allocate more time to these two subjects at fifth form.

Students’ performance in English A at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) has been improving over the years while in mathematic, there has been a fluctuating trend.

Education Minister Shaik Baksh has mandated NCERD to look at strategies to continuously improve students’ performance in these two areas.


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