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Tuesday, 21 November 2017 10:36

Major focus on ICT, psycho-social support in schools – among MoE projections for 2018

news 20171121 3As a preamble before the 2018 budget is read, the Minister of Education (MOE), Nicolette Henry in a recent interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI) outlined some areas her ministry will be focussing on in 2018. The minister disclosed that the intended outcome is to improve performance in schools whilst maximizing output of those within the education system.

Minister Henry explained MoE is anticipating an increased presence of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) in schools. “I am looking forward to really see ICT take off in terms of the delivery of education not only here on the coastland but particularly in rural and hinterland communities you know and I want to see that match with performance.”

With the government focusing heavily on the introduction of ICT in schools and other learning facilities; Minister Henry said in 2018, the move will be to bridge the gap between hinterland and coastland schools with availability and access to ICT.

There are also plans to launch a mobile support unit within the ministry. “That will assist us with the delivery of those psycho-social support services that are much needed to ensure that you have a wholistic, well-rounded competent individual emanating from the school system,” Minister Henry explained.

This, she said, is a major aspect of the ministry’s projections. “There is a lot of work to be done by some departments and individuals in the ministry and we have to ensure that we could provide them with the tools and resources to get that done.”

The Ministry will be working with primary schools to improve performance at National Assessment at the Grade two, four and six levels. However, more emphasis will be placed on Grade six.

“I also would like to see that we continue to show improvement at our National Assessment particularly the Grade six because I believe that is a good baseline to assess students. Because it is pretty much at entering secondary school, where at that stage, you determine career paths and become competent and relevant to enter the adult world.”

Meanwhile, the ministry will also work assiduously to build on systems and interventions that have already been put in place to ensure that quality education is delivered countrywide.

The Education Minister said, “We have to now ensure that we sustain what we have started and we build in areas where we continue to underperform because it’s not all across the board that we are in a comfort zone. There are some areas where work is still needed to be done.”


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