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Wednesday, 25 October 2017 08:51

Hon. Nicolette Henry Minister of Education met with the various headteachers of the Georgetown Education District

Hon. Nicolette Henry, Minister of Education today met with the various headteachers of the Georgetown Education District to discuss matters relating to education.
Prior to the meeting, Minister Henry sat in on some RDI radio lesson sessions that focussed on the land of numbers.
Following which Minister Henry spoke of expectations for the new school year among other things.

Minister Henry Reminded the Head Teachers that they are managers and discharging their leadership roles, respecting all team members at all levels and also the importance of children Supervision.
Additionally, at the primary level, there was some conversation about building on the achievements of the recent National Grade Six Assessment 20171025 1
Teachers were reminded that the Ministry is the brain of the nation and that they should ensure that it (brain) functions as it should despite personal ideologies.
"I encourage that you concentrate your focus on the bigger picture of the job and that you signed up for to help create Guyanese Ambassadors at every level.
Touching on remuneration, Minister Henry informed the Headteachers that they would be given increases like all public 20171025 3
Further, she noted that "we have to work collectively in the best interest of the nation's children and we have to set ourselves a high target to be considered the best once again in the Caribbean.
We are all Guyanese despite our ethnic or political persuasion but I'm admonishing you as leaders in the Education system to please respect each other and every team member, be it the sweeper cleaner or the Deputy Heads.
I'm encouraging you to work to improve performance, improve the feeding programme etc. Help me to get the job done to help our children to do better at the grade six levels."news 20171025 2
Addressing the issue of teachers’ supervision of children, the head teachers were advised to be extra cautious and more responsible, ensuring that there are checks and balances.
Noting that some conditions are less than ideal the minister pledged to assist in all possible, lawful and reasonable ways. She asked the headteachers for their support to make the Education sector better.
Lalta Paul, a headmaster at the meeting commended the Minister for finding time to address the head teachers, "we are happy that you came on the ground and we pledge our support to work on improving the Education system".

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