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Friday, 13 October 2017 08:37

MOE Officials tell Region seven parents they are needed to improve the performance of the education sector

news 20171013 1 "Our Parents' active roles in their child's school life is critical and we need you...please come on board," pleaded Ms. Nadia Hollingsworth Coordinator of the National Parent Teachers Association (PTA) on Thursday. 

Ms. Hollingsworth also advised that, "It is not only about raising funds; we are asking for your networking to make the education process more manageable and successful."
Further, Hollingsworth said that children perform better and become more productive citizens when parents get involved in the education process. This was also the lamentation of Deputy Chief Education Officer (DCEO), Ingrid Chapman to parents at the Bartica Secondary School during a Parents and Heads of Departments' consultation. news 20171013 2
"I encourage you, parents, to support the Ministry of Education's work understanding that it takes a village to raise a child," Ms. Chapman reminded.
Further, the parents were advised of the importance of visiting the school and engaging the teachers ... "not in 'cuss outs' but in conversations."
Noting that the Ministry of Education has started to see improvements since the Maths Intervention process began, Ms. Chapman advised that parents are integral to the Ministry of Education's continued efforts to improve education nationally.
The parents were told that educating a child is not a job that is only for the teacher. The parents were admonished to remember that parents are equally important to the education process because it would aid in making their children productive citizens that will benefit the country in the future.
Ms. Chapman also noted that attendance and punctuality were two sore points. She said, "let us become part of the education process, children must be at school on time".
As part of the Regional Education Officers interface with parents in Bartica, Region Seven, Ms. Chapman explained that aside from gathering to work out and assess policy implementation nationally, "We are here as regional education officers because we are concerned about your children performing poorly. Parents, we implore you to understand that your children perform better when they have your support. It is not the job of the teachers only."
In closing her remarks DCEO Chapman encouraged the parents gathered to support the Ministry of Education in Region seven so that education can improve in the region and by extension Guyana at large.
“The days of parents believing that teachers are the only educators must come to an end if the nation is to develop with more rounded progressive and productive citizens.”

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