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Thursday, 31 August 2017 15:22

Ministry of Education Set to launch Education Month Activities abound – CEO Hutson

The theme for Education month 2017 is ‘Promoting wellness in communities through education’ and activities abound for this year’s observance.

On Thursday Chief Education Officer Mr. Marcel Hutson and a team appeared on the Voice of Guyana, NCN as guests of the ‘A Better World’ to share the list of activities planned for the month starting September 1.
The team also comprised Ms. Ingrid Trotman the Assistant Chief Education Officer- Nursery who is also the chairperson of the Education Committee as well as Ms. Samantha Williams, Education Officer attached to the National Literacy Unit, National Center for Educational Resource Development.

CEO Hutson informed the public that plans are moving a pace and that all is set for the Scheduled launch on September 4, 2017 at the Umana Yana which coincides with the start of the new school year.
Hon. Minister, Nicolette Henry as well as other officers will address that forum with the aim of presenting the agenda of closing the gap for Education delivery at all levels including hinterland communities.
Ideally, CEO Hutson noted that that it is the Ministry’s objective “to have all our children perform credibly at higher standards.” Further Mr. Hutson said “we are striving to ensure that we continue to climb as we wish all our children can achieve 100 percent passes.”

Ms. Ingrid Trotman, Assistant Chief Education Officer- Nursery who is also the chairperson of the Education Committee promised that the launch will not be lengthy as it is also the day for the reopening of schools.
“Education months starts September 1, 2017 with prayers which we requested that the leaders of the religious bodies pray for the Education system. It should also be noted that the official launch will not affect the regular school programme as schools will not be shut down for the launch. We could have started Friday but that day is set aside for observance of Eid- a national holiday and only 50 students are expected to attend from outlying areas as well as the top CAPE and top ten CSEC performers.

A national tree planting exercise to further push the agenda of Guyana as the emerging Green state is also planned to be executed in every region across Guyana.
On September 8 Guyana will join the rest of the world in observance of international literacy day which will be a collaborative effort with the Ministry of Education and UNICEF.
Additionally, region two (2) will host a ‘Reading Carnival’ to be undertaken by the parents and schools via a parade featuring teaching resources in addition to a Parent Teachers Conference.
From September 11-14 several panel discussions are to be hosted with specific reference to the role of communities in education. On this subject CEO Hutson iterated the missive that it takes a community to raise a child and our aim is to garner the support of the community to sensatise all communities on the roles to be played in the overall educational development of the nation through their active involvement and this will include support from the business community as a curriculum component/Content. “

For Education month also the Parents Teachers Associations (PTA) importance will be fuelled robustly.
Health fairs as well as other activities in region 6 are also scheduled.
Paramount to the month’s activities is a grand rally is scheduled for Durban Park on September 15 and that would be addressed by H.E Brigadier David Arthur Granger, President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana. This is in keeping with is prior declaration of the day as Guyana National Education Day. This is the third Friday in September.
Also carded for the month of activities on September 20 is the launching of a USD $13.3m Curriculum reforming programme aimed at strengthening teaching capacity through the improvement of the teaching/ learning environment supported by World Bank.

Education is not complete without a bit of fun time and an Inter-secondary 5x5 Cricket competition is slated for Secondary schools in Regions five (5) and six (6) a starter for what will ultimately become a national event over time according to CEO Hutson.
Noting the limited presence of male active and visible involvement in Education related activities at the family and other levels the Ministry of Education is set to promote more male involvement in the Education sector.
“We want more men involved in the home, community and country’s education sector. We are not against the female population but we are specifically going to engage men via radio where men will be taking the lead in saying how they can help the Education sector and what they want to see as men as an integral part of the equation,” Hutson said.
Further the CEO noted that the aim is to draw men out to understand their role in moving the nation forward.

On September 22 a social evening is planned to engage the MOE staff at GNS Ground while a jeopardy competition for primary school teachers with categories of core subjects is scheduled to see heated competition for top honors.
High energy clashes are expected also as the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport joins forces with the Ministry of Education for a ‘Skip to my Loo’ competition for children and adults also for top honors.
Children with special needs are very much catered via several events for Special needs education and interaction in the form of an Exhibition set for hosting at the Umana Yana to teach and learn strategies on how to address learning and teaching for Special Needs children.

Motivation to learn and to be punctual comes in many forms and one way that the ministry of Education addresses same is via an ‘Attendance Awards ceremony’ organised by the welfare departments in the various regions.
Paramount to learning is music education and this will be on showcase via a Steel pans showcase in the botanical gardens followed up by educators in concert organised by Allied Arts which is focused on showing the other side of teachers where they showcase their talents.
The Curtain for Education Month 2017 will be pulled with a Grand National Awards Ceremony to tangibly celebrate the most outstanding performers at the various recent examinations.

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