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Wednesday, 02 August 2017 13:50

MOE/Canadian group collaborate for ‘RISE’ Science Workshop

About Eighty teachers and students are engaged for three days at the Saints Stanislaus College as part of the Pueblo Science Camp 2017. news 20170802 3

This ‘Rural Initiative for Science Education (RISE)’ Initiative undertaken by a group of five Science graduates/educators from Canada commenced on Wednesday through a collaboration between Ministry of Education and St. Stanislaus College to further empower science enthusiasts.

The mostly teachers training workshop is aimed at making science fun and hands on, using locally available materials. news 20170802 2

This Initiative started two years ago after a group from Saints Stanislaus Guyana connected with the Saints Stanislaus college Alumni association of Toronto.

“There is a push to get the next generation of scientist and engineers prepared to take on the task of inventing etc. and Guyana should not be left behind,” says Mayrose Salvador the Executive Director of the Pueblo Science who is among the five Canada based volunteers.

In the Pueblo Science RISE program, teachers are placed in small groups. Each group is given the materials for a kit to practice some experiments with the guidance of a volunteer instructor. The teachers during the three days exercise will rotate among a number of instructors to learn about a variety of science kits that they keep and bring back to their school.  This fun and experimental approach are key to ensure that students take an interest in science and realize how important basic science is in our daily lives. Most Pueblo Science kits are constructed out of easily available materials so that the teachers can replicate and make them available to their students without too much expenses. news 20170802 5 

The instructors who label themselves as dedicated volunteers for the 2017 RISE program in Guyana from the University of Toronto and the University of California-Irvine include Martain Labrecque, Ph.D., Rommel Santos, Ph.D. Student, Elizabeth Delve, Ph.D. Candidate, Ekua Cudjoe, MSc Student along with Mayrose Salvador, Ph.D.    

It’s also focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (Stem) participants will be issued certificates upon completion of the training. The organisers (Pueblo Science) have expressed gratitude to supporters such as Systems for Research and L&T Associates for their support in the Development of activities. news 20170802 4

The Pueblo Science, a Toronto based charitable organization that is passionate about advancing science education in low-resource communities around the world is managed by volunteer scientists, engineers, and educators who are passionate about sharing their enthusiasm for science to the next generation.  The team develops fun-filled, hands-on science kits that allow children to connect abstract principles to the world they know. By Sparking an interest in science at an early age, the goal is to jump-start fundamental changes in social activities about science, to generate higher scientific literacy rates and to encourage youth to pursue science, engineering technology- related careers.

According to Salvador “We believe that all children should have access to tools that help them develop the skills necessary to be a part of the next generation of problem solvers and innovators.”


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