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Hundreds graduate from Ministry of Education YEST programmes nationwide

The saying that ‘Success, comes through hard work, courage, order and discipline’ rings through for the many youths who form the core of grandaunts of the Ministry of Education Department of Culture, Youth and Sport’s Youth Entrepreneurial Skills Training (Y.E.S.T).news 20170714 1

After receiving instruction in remedial mathematics and English, as well as Information Technology, Scores of Youth from across Guyana, have and are set to graduate from the Ministry of Education Department of Culture Youth and Sports, Youth Entrepreneurial Skills Training (Y.E.S.T) programme. On Thursday 91 graduated from the Vryman’s Erven Training Center while on Friday 101 from the Sophia Training Center had the same honour and on July 21 some 223 will share the fate at the Kuru Kuru Training Center.
The YEST courses offer continuing educational advancement to out-of- school, unskilled and unemployed youth aged 16-25 years drawn from across all ten administrative regions.
The areas covered included Business studies, Carpentry, Electrical Installation, Furniture Making, Garment Construction, Masonry, Motor Mechanics, Plumbing and sheet metal, Refrigeration and Welding and Fabrication. As part of the training, all trainees benefited from Educational tours, field trips, sporting activities; participation in national and religious activities, counselling sessions and workshops on the illicit use of drugs.
Some Trainees also benefited from a drivers’ education programme. news 20170714 2
46 of these trainees are now recipients of Drivers’ licenses, compliments of the Guyana Police Force.
A CUSO volunteer, Ms Jenifer Reddy, conducted training in Entrepreneurial Education with all trainees. Additionally, frothy-two trainees received intensive practical training in how to develop their own business.
Twenty four interested trainees were introduced to Project management, thanks to Mr Nigel Duncan who volunteered his time and services towards ensuring that the trainees were enlightened on how to manage a project.
A number of agencies opened their doors to allow students to tour their facilities and learn from their competent and knowledgeable staff. Those agencies also provided the opportunity for the trainees to work and gain valuable experiences, equipping them with skills befitting the work environment. Agencies from the public and private sector accommodated the students during their six weeks of work attachment. Among those that the YEST programme officials extend gratitude to was Mr Aubrey Norton who provided opportunities for the trainees to acquire some experience in their respective skill areas. From the training, coordinators report the execution of the programme was not without challenges such as Trainees’ social issues which saw the assistance of relevant agencies being solicited to implement stronger coping strategies, Inadequate staffing, Trainees commencing the programme without proper identification and prevention of prohibited substance use and abuse.
Non-the-less according to the YEST programme report there is the anticipation of some enhancing of the Curriculum in all areas of skills training with special focus on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) certification. Further, there are plans for hosting of open days for parents, agencies and other entities to have first-hand exposure to what is being done at the training centre and reintroduction of agricultural plots.
Of the two hundred and fifty-eight (258) trainees who commenced the training programme at Kuru Kuru Training Center in October 2016 two hundred and twenty – three (223) successfully completed their training. Of these thirty-two (32) of them will be receiving awards. news 20170714 3
Many of the agencies have since offered the trainees permanent employment and continue to express their interest in doing so. The organisers have expresses the hope that the partnerships are strengthened in an effort to promote a higher level of sustainability for our young people.
Permanent Secretary Melissa Tucker addressing the grandaunts of the Vryman’s Erven Training Center, New Amsterdam offered heartiest congratulations and best wishes on Hon. Minister Nicolette Henry’s behalf.
P.S Tucker also issued personal congratulations to the 13th batch of graduating students for their perseverance, dedication and commitment which they displayed over the past 6 months period that helped them to realise their dreams.
Reflecting PS Tucker pointed out that while on January 9, 2017, they were not sure of what to expect when they assembled for the first session; the difference was notable weeks after. “Very shortly you would be reaping the rewards of your labour. You are graduating here today because you have fulfilled the requirements for your certification,” P.S Tucker told the gathering of beaming face.
The motto for Youth Entrepreneurial Skill Training is ‘Creating Opportunities, Realising Potentials.’ These (opportunities, PS Tucker noted “were created for you to realise your potentials and you grasped them.” According to the report out of the total of one hundred and thirteen (113) youth who were in training twenty-two (22) dropped out. And while this was pointed out, PS Tucker posited that “Too many of our youth start out very enthusiastically on training in different forms and levels, but somewhere along the journey they lose focus; they become distracted; they do not exhibit the kind of discipline that is necessary for success. They give up too easily; they allow the opportunity to develop themselves to go by.”
The occasion was used to remind current and future graduates that “one of the things you cannot regain or recall is a lost opportunity. Too many youths express regret at not making good use of the opportunities they would have had to develop themselves and today they can make no meaningful contribution to the development of their communities.” news 20170714 4
The youths while being celebrated for staying the course were advised that the training they received at the institution has made them marketable.
“You are now in a position to practice your craft; develop your skills and earn a living for yourselves; support the other members of your family; develop the communities from which you have come, and by extension that of the country. You are now given the opportunity to start from a very humble beginning into something big,” PS Tucker advised.
A noted example is that fact that many of the existing big businesses started out small in like fashion as those graduating and it was against this backdrop that they were encouraged to “become your own boss providing employment for other young people.”
In Berbice the graduates were trained in General Cosmetology, Home Repairs; Data Operations; Food Preparation and Cookery.
The graduates were also advised that as a result of the training received that have become marketable and were admonished to “… go out there and make a name for yourselves. Be ambitious and try to improve on your trade. Be the best cosmetologist; be the best home repairer; be the best data operator; be the best cook. Build a reputation for yourselves. When persons want service in your area of competence, you should be the first person they must want to come to because of the quality of work that you produce.”
Further P.S Tucker underscored that fact that “The Ministry of Education Department of Culture, Youth and Sport recognises the importance of empowering the youth of this nation, and has therefore been conducting training such as this across the country.”
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