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Wednesday, 12 October 2016 14:36

Delivery of Education needs Balance, Residents of Region 10

...Inquiry into the Education System Continues

Commissioners mandated to examine the state of the education system met with residents including the Regional Democratic Council of Linden and Kwakwani, Region 10. The consultations occurred on October 6 and 20160921 4

As education stakeholders raise their concerns about the current state of education and its delivery in Region 10, several calls have been made for the Ministry to ensure that children across the country have access to equal education opportunities. Such opportunities as access to sports facilities and equipment, technology, adequate and hygienic school facilities, and transportation are said to be challenges in the Region.
Among the other issues identified in the Region are: The need for welfare officers; The need for an additional boat to assist children from riverine communities getting to school in a timely manner; and, a bus to transport children who live in Moblissa, a village about 7 miles in from the Soesdyke Highway, who attend school in Linden. Moblissa residents noted that children continue to drop out of school due to the distance children travel to get to school. A parent noted that the lack of internet access in the community also presents a challenge when completing assignments. Residents of Obama Drive, Amelia’s Ward in Linden have also expressed similar concerns. It was noted also that teachers continue to short change children in the classroom as they frequently complete the syllabus at their private lessons, which inevitably puts a significant number of students at a disadvantage.
Meanwhile, Regional officials and community leaders are calling on the Government to ensure that all schools are placed on the same level in terms of the types and quality of subject areas and the level of resources put into sustaining those subject areas such as, the sciences. A call was also made for guidance and counselling officers to be placed in primary schools.
The Commission has also noted concerns regarding sexual abuse and teenage pregnancy in Kwakwani. Residents there have asked the Ministry to assist in putting mechanisms in place to tackle the issues plaguing the community.
Commissioners are currently in Region 2 for three days of consultations.

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