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Tuesday, 04 October 2016 15:17

Message from Mr. Marcel Hutson Chief Education Officer (ag.) On World Teachers Day 2016

Teachers are uniquely skilled persons who are tasked with imparting knowledge and skills to our citizens. Whether at a nursery, primary, secondary or tertiary level, teaching is a task, which requires patience, determination, creativity, care and 20160913 13

In recognition of this most pivotal but often undervalued profession, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in 1994 set aside October 5 as the day for appreciating, assessing and improving teachers. According to UNESCO “teachers are producing global citizens, so they are global teachers.” These global citizens will shape the future of the world. Persons often possess gifts and abilities of which they are unaware. It takes the skill and experience of a good teacher to expose their talent and facilitate its development before it is unleased into the world.
I am cognisant of the fact that teaching is one of the most difficult professions of any available. In our own country, a teacher typically has the challenge of captivating the minds of 20-35 students who may have their own interests, which may not be aligned with the knowledge the teacher is attempting to impart. This is further complicated by having students whose learning and retention abilities range from gifted to average to special needs. Hence, our teachers need to find fun, fresh and innovative ways to grab students’ attention. The need therefore arises as a committed and dedicated group of people to continuously look for ways to improve yourselves and delivery methods. In today’s world, one such initiative is the use of digital technology which is rapidly expanding in our educational institutions. Your contribution to the education sector in Guyana has not gone unnoticed by this Ministry.
Teachers spend a significant amount of time with their students and fill gaps left by temporarily or permanently absent parents, oftentimes performing critical roles as counsellors and confidants. In many cases, you functioned as conveyors of non-academic (life) skills such as trust, respect, accountability and conflict resolution, all of which contribute to the creation of well-rounded students who will positively impact all spheres of society.
In spite of the need for more recognition, you continue to serve your gift, driven by your passion and resilience of character, comforted in the knowledge that you are fulfilling purpose. You continue to take tremendous pride in helping your students to achieve their dreams – dreams that often lead to higher paying jobs and greater acclaim than you would ever achieve.
On this World Teachers’ Day 2016, I salute you and invite all parents, and the wider society to celebrate our teachers and make them feel appreciated. Going forward, let us continue to collaborate with and support our teachers as they continue the onerous task of educating global citizens.

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