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Friday, 11 March 2016 08:55

European Union and Guyana to produce a book on shared Guyanese and European Cultural heritage.

The Guyana Heritage Society and the European Union, in cooperation with the National Trust of Guyana, shall jointly produce a book on shared Guyanese and European cultural heritage. The publication will include a number of themes relating to periods of significant cultural or historical interest for the shared heritage of Guyana and Europe.

Guyana's relationship with Europe stretches back to the 15th century when Spanish explorers arrived at the mouth of the Essequibo, and Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch and British influences partially shaped the county's heritage and culture. There are many locations within the country including towns, islands and forts whose names and appearance reflect the influence of various European countries throughout different periods of history.

The Honourable Minister Nicolette Henry, Minister within the Ministry of Education, and Ambassador Jernej Videtič of the European Union, together with Mr Ben ter Welle of the Guyana Heritage Society and Ms Nirvana Persaud of the Guyana National Trust, met today for the official signing ceremony for the Terms of Reference for the production of the book. IMG 0029The EU will contribute approximately GYD $4.3 million while the GHS will contribute approximately GYD $900,000 towards the initiative. It is envisaged that the book will be published in August 2016 with 1,500 copies to be printed.

Ambassador Videtič noted that one of the purposes of the collaboration is to ''make a contribution towards the celebration of Guyana's 50th Anniversary of Independence in 2016IMG 0034 by publishing a book that highlights the shared Guyanese and European cultural heritage stretching over 350 years. This initiative shall help raise awareness of the rich joint cultural heritage we share and instil a sense of pride in this heritage. It shall also be beneficial in bringing this cultural heritage to the attention of a wider public beyond Guyana and shall help promote tourism for the beautiful land of Guyana".

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