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Guyana Skills Development and Employability Project
Terms of Reference
Finance Officer
1. Background
1.01 The Government of Cooperative Republic of Guyana (GOGY) continues to emphasise the need to build capacity in the area of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET). A key component in this regard is ensuring equitable access to TVET across the country.  Currently, at the secondary level, such training is offered through strategically placed Practical Institution Centers (PICs) or Practical Instruction Departments (PIDs) of Secondary Schools. However, significant disparities exist in relation to the institutional arrangements spread over the eleven Regional Education Administrative Regions.  As such, various centres and departments have been identified for improvement aimed at enhancing MOE’s capacity to deliver TVET programmes equitably across the secondary sub-sector.
1.02 The identified PICs and PIDs are:
  1. Fellowship PIC in Region #3
  2. Beterverwagtin PIC in Region #4
  3. Hopetown PIC in Region#5
  4. St. Ignatius Secondary School in Region #9
  5. Bartica Secondary School in Region #7
  6. Mahdia Secondary School in Region #8
  7. North West Secondary in Region #1
1.03 The GOGY, through the MOE, has secured funding from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) to rehabilitate or construct workshops and laboratories identified for the Project schools.  It is the expectation of MOE that this enhancement project will meet the Caribbean Association of National Training Authorities (CANTA) requirements for the award of the Caribbean Vocational Qualifications (CVQs).
2. Prooject Outcome
2.01 The overall outcome of the Project is to assist GOGY to enhance access to, and improve the quality and effectiveness of the TVET system.
The Project components are:
(a) Enhanced Learning Environment:
  1. refurbishment and expansion works at seven secondary level facilities;
  2. provision of furniture, equipment and learning materials;
  3. minor works to facilitate temporary relocation;
  4. project preparation by GOGY;
  5. design and construction supervision services; and
  6. renewable energy/energy efficiency retrofitting of the existing infrastructure
(b) Enhanced Capacity for Instructional Effectiveness:
  1. continuing professional development, diploma, and degree level training to enhance instructional quality for 188 teachers in specific areas of need; and
  2. study tours and industry attachments for ten TVET teachers/instructors.
(c) Enhanced Governance and Management Capacity at the Secondary Level:
  1. training and professional development for 524 teachers, principals, MOE officers and industry experts in specific areas needed to enhance governance and management of the TVET sub-sector;
  2. governance and management of TVET sub-sector;
  3. consultancy services for the operational review of TVET sub-sector;
  4. consultancy services to review the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy framework;
  5. consultancy services to strengthen the health and family life education curriculum;
  6. implementation of agreed Council for TVET (CTVET) Public Awareness Activities; and
  7. study tours for 26 school leaders and education officers.
 (d) Enhanced Second-chance Opportunities and Entrepreneurship Skills Development:
  1. consultancy services to review and enhance continuing education programming;
  2. work readiness and entrepreneurship skills development training for 200 participants; and
  3. provision of start-up kits for 100 learners graduating from the Project PICs and PIDs.
(e) Technical Assistance: Consultancy services for the:
  1. development of a natural hazard risk profile for the education sector;
  2. development and piloting of a national school health and safety programme; and
  3. design of a new Hospitality Training Institute.
(f) Project Management: Implementation and oversight of project activities.
3. Objective
3.01 The objective of the appointment is to ensure that all financial transactions and accounting procedures are in keeping with GOGY’s accounting reporting requirements and stipulations of CDB.
Characteristics of the Appointment
Type of Appointment:  Individual
Duration:    one year; renewable on basis of performance
Place of work:   MOE, Georgetown, Guyana
Qualifications:   The Finance Officer (FO) should have:
  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or Finance; and
  2. At least two (2) years suitable post qualification experience, preferable with an International Organisation and Government Ministry or
  3. Level 1, ACCA or equivalent with at least three years’ experience in an International Organisation, Government Ministry or Department
  4. Computer literacy and good written and oral command of the English language.
Reporting:  The FO reports to the Project Coordinator, and will liaise closely with the Project Officers Education and Civil Works as wells as Technical Officers of MOE and Council for TVET
The responsibilities of the FO include, but not limited to:
  1. Prepare budget for the entire life of the Project, based on the Project procurement plan, in which annual budget will be derived;
  2. Prepare semi-annual Interim Financial Report to be submitted to CDB;
  3. Prepare withdraw application for the Project;
  4. Preparation and execution of daily journal and ledger entries;
  5. Ensuring that all accounting records and bank account information are up-to-date in the automated system;
  6. Maintain adequate records and accounts to support daily programme transactions;
  7. Prepare monthly bank reconciliation for all bank accounts (such as Special Accounts and Programme Accounts) on a timely basis;
  8. Submit monthly bank reconciliations for Programme Account to the Treasury for the maintenance of the Government’s accounting records and General Ledger;
  9. Prepare the Programme’s Budgets/Cash Flow Projections;
  10. Monitor Programme compliance with the Government’s Accounting reporting requirements;
  11. Consolidate the monthly, semi-annually and annual financial statements; selecting accounting policies and accounting standards; determining the need, if any, to include any supplementary notes to the Programme’s Financial Statements in order to enhance the presentation of a “true and fair view”;
  12. Attend Project Steering Committee Meetings as required;
  13. Attend Budget Meetings with the Ministry of Finance as required; and
  14. Prepare semi-annual and annual Programme Financial Statements, as well as, reporting within an agreed time frame.

Tuesday’s signing of the Skills Development and Employability Project is a demonstration of Guyana’s commitment to the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) as they work together to continue the country’s development, Minister of Finance Winston Jordan 20170524 1

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…final report to be completed shortly

“Right now as I sit here I am working on it,” said Mr. Ed Caesar of the final report of the Commission of Inquiry [COI] into public education system. Caesar, the Chairman of the COI, handed over a preliminary report into the
inquiry last month to Minister of Education, Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine, with a promise that the final report will be completed within two to three weeks.
But according to Caesar yesterday, the Commission, as at yesterday, was still working on the final report. “It will be completed shortly.”news 20170504 1

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