Ministry of Education, Guyana

Recent graduates of the Guyana School of Agriculture have been encouraged to realise the potential of the agriculture sector in the twenty-first century and utilise information and communication technology.

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news 20180115 3One of the most important pillars of Guyana’s successful agriculture sector is its large labour force. In fact, the industry remains the largest employer with at least 38% direct employment. But the ever-growing challenges in this field, always summon the need for a workforce that is complemented by skilled and technically capable agricultural professionals.

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news 20171123 6Over four hundred and fifty students (are) are now beneficiaries of full scholarships to attend the University of Guyana and the Guyana School of Agriculture to further their education. The scholarships which were awarded by the Ministry of the Presidency’s Department of Public Service is said to be an investment by the government in Guyana’s future.

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