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Wednesday, 31 March 2021 09:20

Study packages delivered to Region Nine grade six students

As part of the Ministry of Education’s efforts to prepare grade six students to write the 2021 National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA), the Honourable Minister of Education Priya Manickchand had announced that study packages will be sent to every child in the public sector.

In keeping with this initiative, grade six students of Region Nine have begun receiving their packages. These packages contain textbooks, notes, worksheets and past papers to help each student prepare for their examinations. Thus far students at 50 primary schools in Region Nine have received their packages while the other packages for the remaining students are en route to the most remote schools. The Department of Education is making every effort to ensure each child receives a package.

This is being done countrywide as packages are available at primary schools across Guyana for the parents of the students to uplift. The Ministry of Education is encouraging all parents to take advantage of this opportunity as the materials and resources are tailored to ensure that each child learns what is necessary to perform well at the 2021 examinations.

The complete package will contain the following:

1. Social Studies Notes

2. Science Notes

3. Worksheets – Mathematics, English, Social Studies and Science

4. NGSA Past Papers from the last five years

5. Let’s do Mathematics Book 5

6. Fun with Language Book 5

7. Science around Us Book 5

8. Social Studies for our Children Book 5

9. Graded Math Book 5

10. A Process of Learning – Mathematics Book 5

11. A Process of Learning – English Book 5

12. Mastering Vocabulary – Book 5

13. Understanding English Grammar – Book 5

14. Social Studies Made Easy Grades 5 and 6

15. Science Made Easy Grades 5 and 6

16. Guyana Our Country, Our Home


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