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Friday, 14 February 2020 09:23

Taking Centre Stage

─calypso, dramatic poetry and jingle competitions featured at Children’s Mash

The national finals of the children’s Mashramani competition continued today with the calypso, dramatic poetry and jingle competition categories at the National Cultural Centre.

In the dramatic poetry segment, there were strong messages as the performers worked to impress the judges.

Ruth Grant with her, ‘Whey you speeding going’ called on drivers to be cautious when using the road. Ruth who is a student at Seafield Primary School represented Region 5 with this crowd-pleasing 20200217 8

On Behalf of All Children’ by Kenesha Lynch of Green Acres Primary School, Region 4 received calls for an encore. Lynch reminded of a child’s right to food, security, health care and emotional support.

Region 10’s ‘Stop It’ in the age 5-7 calypso segment called for an end to violence against teachers. Shanzia Rose and her three back-up singers from Amelia’s Ward Primary School called on both parents and teachers to desist from such behaviour and set a better example

“Please don’t beat up the teachers dem. Ah begging don’t do that no more,” the performers 20200217 7

Another noteworthy performance came from Samira Bisnauth from CV Nunes Primary School who represented Region 2 in calypso 8-10 category. Samira’s calypso also targeted violence in school and the first-time performer said she was satisfied with how well she did. “I think it was really great and I was happy since this was my first time,” Samira told DPI.

The three-day contest began with the dance and masquerade competition on Thursday and calypso, dramatic poetry and jingle competitions on 20200217 6

National Children’s Mashramani Competition will come to an end on Saturday with the colourful costume and float parade competition.

Mashramani 2020 is being celebrated under the theme: Guyana Together: Reflect, Celebrate, Transform.


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