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─More than 30 schools compete in National Mashramani contest

The atmosphere at the National Cultural Centre was tense as Primary and Secondary schools in Region 4 battled for position in a stiff dance contest; on day four of the Children’s National Mashramani Competition.

Splashes of green, red, yellow, white and black flashed across the stage when the masqueraders showed off their rhythmic foot movement as the sounds of flutes and drums filled the air.

The audience revelled as characters such as Bam-Bam Sally, the Mad Cow and stilt man staged lively 20200131 3

Morgan’s Learning Centre was dethroned this year by the ‘Graffiti Mob’ from The Bishop’s High School after they delivered a jaw-dropping performance that stunned students, teachers and judges during the Hip-Hop age 14-18 category.

Costumed in worn clothing that was spray-painted in varying colours, Graffiti Mob danced a medley of popular hip-hop songs that had the youth dominated audience out of their seats and demanding an encore. The auditorium fell silent for one heart-stopping moment as the all-male group built a twelve-man pyramid during their performance.

The Bishop’s dance team took home a well-deserved first place win. They were followed by the Government Technical Institute’s ‘Refuel Hip Hop’ in second position and Brickdam Secondary School’s ‘War of the World’ in 20200131 4

Coconut tree branches arched into the shape of a doorway, a man positioned in the entry, a bride walking gracefully on soft petals, the couple jumps a broom, these all formed part of the symbolic performance ‘Birth of a New Union’ by Queenstown Secondary. This saw them being awarded first in the 11-13 age group under the Legends and Traditions category.

Nothing could beat Morgan’s Learning Centre’s energetic performance in the age 14-18 Interpretive Dance category. The teens danced to a patriotic song by popular Guyanese artiste Jumo ‘Rubber-Waist” Primo.

To the surprise of the audience, the artiste himself appeared on stage and delivered an energetic performance though visibly injured and supporting his right leg on a crutch.

Sponsors of the activity include Banks DIH, Guyana Post Office, Fireside Grill and Chill, Woodpecker Productions, Beharry Group of Companies, Giftland Office Max, Keith William’s of Herdmanston Lodge and the Ministry of Education.

The celebrations continue tomorrow with the Physical Display and Costume Competition that will decide which other schools make it to the national level.

On Friday, February 7, Nursery Day of Activities is scheduled and will include costumes, dance and poetry.

Today’s winners from first to third according to the categories are as follows:

Masquerade First Second Third
 Age 11-13  Charlestown Secondary  Rama Krishna Primary  Ascension Secondary
 Age 14-18  Charlestown Secondary  Lodge Secondary  Sophia Special School


Hip Hop First Second Third
 Age 11-13  Richard Ismael Secondary School  Tucville Secondary School  
 Age 14-18  Bishop’s Secondary School  Government Technical Institute  Brickdam Secondary School


Interpretive Dance First Second Third
 Age 11-13  St. John’s College  St Stanislaus Secondary School Lodge Secondary School 
 Age 14-18  Morgan’s Learning Centre  Lodge Secondary School  St. Winifred’s Secondary School


Legends and Traditions First Second Third
 Age 11-13  Queenstown Secondary  Carmel Secondary School  Ketley Primary School
 Age 14-18  North Georgetown Secondary  St. Stanislaus Secondary School  St. John’s College


Religious Beliefs First Second Third
 Age 11-13  East Ruimveldt Secondary School  North Georgetown Secondary School  Morgan’s Learning Centre
 Age 14-18  Brickdam Secondary School  St. Joseph High School  North Ruimveldt Secondary School


Social Commentary First Second Third
 Age 11-13  Freeburg Secondary School    
 Age 14-18  St. Barnabas Special School    


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