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Saturday, 14 December 2019 12:02

All University of Guyana Staff and Students to Benefit from Humans Relations Course

– Campaign Starting Dec 20th, 2019

The University of Guyana’s Academic Board and Council on Tuesday this week unanimously endorsed the roll out of an innovative and far reaching programme aimed at supporting exposure, dialogue and modelling appropriate attitudes and behaviors amongst its community of staff and students. The programme will include a human relations course, a mural campaign on the campus; and a T shirt and social media campaign beginning this weekend.

This first of its kind Human relations course will be a 12-hour, 5 modules offered online or face to face which all students and staff from now on will have to take as a prerequisite for graduation or career development.

The five modules will include – M1: Soft Skills – Etiquette, self-care, grooming, emotional intelligence, Social Media etiquette.

M2: Gender and Social Justice – including sexual harassment, disabilities and violence.

M3: Guyanese History and Cultural Diversity- including race, religion and nationalities.

M4: Intro to Entrepreneurial Thinking.

M5: Guyanese Geographies, including physical, legal, environment and Civics.

The University is collaborating with various individuals and entities to develop and deliver the course to ten thousand of its staff and students in the next year. Collaborators include the Ministry of Social Cohesion, the Carnegie School of Home Economics, SEBI, and the Institute of Peace Action (InPEAC). Human Relations 101 will begin in January 2020 with two weekend offerings in Berbice and Georgetown to 300 faculty and staff who can volunteer to take the programme in its initial test phase.

A mural painting exercise on the Turkeyn and Berbice Campuses, and a social media and Tshirt campaign focusing on four hashtags: #UGloveeachother; #UGrespectdiverstity; #UGThinkb4uClick; #Careb4Ushare and UG#PeaceforGuyana begin this weekend and run through April 2020.

The University’s task force developing the programme is led by Prof Paloma Mohamed, Deputy Vice Chancellor and Chair of the Transitional Management Committee. Other members of the task force are Dr. Paulette Henry, Social Worker and Director of CoETAL; Dr. Jewel Thomas, Sociologist; Ms. Nelsonia Budram, Director of the Centre for Communication Studies; Ms. Lisa Edwards Researcher in the Institute of Gender Studies; Ms. Daniella King Assistant Registrar Students Welfare; Ms Juanita Cameron University Counsellor; Mr. Jaffar Gibbons ( Student President) and Prof. Subrahim Gomatanyam, Director of the Berbice Campus. Please check the University’s Facebook page and websites starting December 20 for details on how to participate and register.


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