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Wednesday, 02 October 2019 16:03

Marian Academy student emerges winner

– of GBTI/BRAINCENTRAL Olympiad Championship

Renika Anand of Marian Academy on Saturday last emerged the first GBTI/BrainCentral Math and English Online Olympiad Champion.

Anand was among the top 10 students selected after the preliminary round on Thursday, GBTI said in a release. The other students, mainly from Marian Academy and School of the Nations, were Peter Abai, Nekacia Clementson, Azalia Fontenelle, Nathan Jackson, Sangeeta Lilman, Dougal McTurk, and Xiao Hui (Julie) 20191002 18

Lilman and McTurk tied for second, with Jackson and Yang following closely at third. A very confident Anand said it was her mother who encouraged her to sign up for the competition after hearing about it, and that she was coached in the initial stage by her sister.
“I went Online and logged in, and I found the practice quizzes were very interesting, and the Mathematics was advanced. So, rather than doing just what was done in school, it was a good way to learn,” Anand said, adding: “I thank GBTI for encouraging such events, and for coordinating with BrainCentral, because children, I believe, are supposed to be exposed to such opportunities.

It’s going to encourage them, and GBTI has done a good job at organising such a good event.”news 20191002 17

Anand won herself a laptop with accessories such as a LED Laptop Desk and an Early Savers Gift Voucher, while the other participants each received a LED Laptop Desk, along with other prizes, including a printer, tablets, and GBTI Early Savers Vouchers.

This Online competition was a joint initiative between GBTI and BrainCentral, and was held in commemoration of Education Month. GBTI is pleased to have taken a lead position in this initiative, as it is aligned with our vision and direction of partnership, innovation and using digital solutions in doing business, while at the same time promoting education and Guyanese talent. Students are encouraged to sign up and use the BrainCentral Learning platform at

BrainCentral is a convenient, Online educational portal for students from Grades 1 to 11. The long-term idea is to give students the opportunity to access teaching materials, including quizzes, revision notes, and eventually Online tutors to help them with their studies. At the moment, the portal is offering thousands of quizzes at the various grades, which students can use as practice.


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