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Thursday, 29 August 2019 09:58

Upgrades to Zeelugt Nursery welcomed

– students now have a child-friendly environment

Students attending the Zeelugt Nursery school are now enjoying a child-friendly environment following several fundamental upgrades to the school.

Speaking at a recent community meeting held in the Zeelugt community, Acting Headteacher Shaundell Fresco said the repairs were timely. She noted that students need a conducive learning environment to succeed.

The upgrades to the school stemmed from a previous meeting with Social Protection Minister, Hon. Amna Ally where the state of the building was highlighted

According to Fresco before to the infrastructural works, the floors were dusty which affected the health of both the students and teachers. She said having the floor tiled made a huge difference.

Another major addition to the school was 24-hour security. “That is one of the major advancements that we have had because the school had been vandalised and broken into several times. We can sleep better at night knowing a security guard is protecting the building,” Fresco underscored.

Repairs were also done to the lavatory facilities which now have the systems in perfect working conditions. Additionally, Fresco pointed out that the construction of the sheds at the two entrances of the school has been beneficial especially when it rains. She explained that before whenever it rained water entered the classroom and would sometimes destroy learning materials.

“Now we are in a more comfortable, more conducive learning environment… one that will produce children that are well-learned and capable of going forward,” the Headteacher stated.


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