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Saturday, 17 August 2019 10:06

Lethem library gets laptops

Residents of Lethem will now be better able to access the internet with the help of electronic tablets.

On August 16, Catherine Martin, Personal Assistant to the Minister of Public Telecommunications donated five electronic tablets to the town’s library on behalf of the minister who was engaged in a meeting.

In an invited comment, the Public Telecommunications Minister, Hon. Catherine Hughes said her ministry and by extension the government, emphasises on connectivity throughout Guyana.

“This has been a vision for our ministry that His Excellency President David Granger had the foresight for and encouraged us to do.”

While the initial priority was internet access at schools, the hospital, Regional Democratic Council (RDC) building and the library, the e-governance project, the ministry has also brought internet connection to several public buildings in the 20190826 25

“Part of that thrust was ensuring that areas in the community where citizens gather that they would be able to have the benefit of the internet,” the minister said.

She explained that it was on a previous visit to Lethem, a commitment was made to bring connectivity to the town’s library. Minister Hughes noted that as a result of the connectivity, STEM Guyana was able to complete a training programme for the youths in the area.

“For us, the opportunity for students in Lethem to get a boost in terms of research, homework and having a space with free internet access was very important,” Minister Hughes expressed.

Speaking to the Department of Public Information (DPI), Deputy Librarian, Andrea Charles said that having internet access enables them to stay connected to Georgetown and other parts of Guyana. She said the tablets will be utilised in a manner that benefits all residents of the community.


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