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Monday, 10 June 2019 13:19

Region Three Schools’ Welfare Officers host Operation Care Campaign

A few of the schools’ welfare officers attached to the welfare department in Region Three started a drive where they targeted children of school age who had poor attendance or were not attending school.

Ms Maylene Foo, one of the officers said in an interview, that it is a weekly campaign at which they walk through selected villages for the week and speak with the parents of these children, about the consequences they may face if these kids do not attend school. Ms Ulanda James, another welfare officer who is a part of the operation, said that they visit various areas and they warn the parents via letters the first time. For further offences they are taken to court.

She said that the donations made are mostly by private entities via their Back To School Drive in August. After distribution to the less fortunate whenever they visit these homes and they find that assistance is needed, they donate the remaining school supplies as well as finance through budgetary allocations.
Recently, they visited a number of places in Region Three and they found that in Leguan there were 40 youngsters that they engaged. Ten were complete dropouts. These were reintegrated into the school system, while the other 30 were those having poor attendance.
At Parika there were 20 Venezuelan nationals of school age who they interacted with and they were put into schools. However since most of them couldn’t speak English they were put into clusters and worked with a Spanish teacher or volunteer, whichever was available to teach them.
She further noted that since the campaign has started there has not been one failure as they always successfully engage and reintegrate the youngsters and prosecute the parents wherever necessary.


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