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Wednesday, 15 May 2019 08:52

National Accreditation Council (Amendment) Bill 2019 and Validation Bill passed

─ Our key education and training priority is to ensure that all students are provided with accredited programmes that cater to their needs, it reflects the reality of contemporary education – Min. Henry

The National Assembly, earlier today, passed a Bill which will now empower the National Accreditation Council to reign in rogue institutions which offer courses that are not accredited. This move will aid in the prevention of unsuspecting persons seeking to further their education being fleeced.

Presenting the second reading of the Procurement [Amendment] Bill Number 5 of 2019, Minister of Education, Dr. Nicolette Henry, at the 114th Sitting of the National Assembly of the 11th Parliament, said that the passage of the Bill, initially published on the April 5 of that year, is a “momentous occasion for local education”.

The minister explained that the need to amend the Act arose to address several difficulties affecting the National Accreditation Council in the performance of its duties and mandate. It empowers the council to accredit institutions and addresses the absence of sanctions among other 20190516

The legislation caters for the definition of terms and legal language. It further provides for the registration of institutions and providers, making it an offence for them to provide education without certification from the National Accreditation Council.

Section 15 (F) provides for the restrictions and prohibitions in respect of these institutions and providers while Part 3 (A) allows transparent procedures for the imposition of administrative fines and penalties, in respect of non-prosecutable offences.

The Bill also caters for the imposition of fines, on summary convictions, not exceeding $200,000 and for non-prosecutable offences, by an administrative penalty of the same amount, and the suspension of revocation of the relevant licenses.

“Quality education for all is the glue which provides for economic prosperity for all, and the Bill will ensure that this is achieved,” the Education Minister reiterated as she wrapped up her presentation in Parliament today.

The Bill amends sections 2, 4 17, 18, 19 and the schedule of the Principal Act. It further inserts part 3 (A) and section 17 (A) in the Act.

The National Accreditation Council Act of 2004, Bill number 6 of 2019, was also presented for a second time before the House. It retroactively validates the actions taken since the National Accreditation Council came into being on July 20 2004. The NAC has been approving programmes and functioning without a “commencement order”, Minister Henry explained.

The 470 services previously undertaken, will now be officially recognised, retroactively, with the passage of the Act.

Both pieces of legislation were read for the third time and passed unanimously.


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