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Tuesday, 14 May 2019 08:51

Belle West Primary gets cricket gear

─ donated by Min. Ramjattan as fulfillment of a promise made at Reg. 3 govt outreach

Four hundred (400) students of Belle West Primary School were, on Monday, gifted with an array of quality cricket equipment by Public Security Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan.

The donation of the sport equipment follows a promise made by the minister during the Region 3 leg of the ‘Government comes to you’ outreach, held on April 28, 2019.

“It is important that we support these rural schools that might be hard pressed because some of the best cricketers that Guyana ever produced came from the rural areas,” Minister Ramjattan 20190515 2

The acting Headmistress of Belle West Primary School, Parbattie Ally said the students are excited and grateful for the equipment, which will help to boost sport performance in the school.

“Sport is an integral part of our curriculum, and as such without the gear, you cannot have it being done effectively. So, we have our ground, we have our gear so the children will be there, and so we can take part in any competition,” Ally 20190515 4

Two female students expressed much delight for the receipt of the equipment.

Latonya Rambarrat continuously expressed her gratitude for the equipment as she is an avid sport player. “Sport is the second thing in my life. I enjoy sport, I really enjoy it, “she said.

Hemadavi Jaisingh, another student, told the Department of Public Information that she is most excited about learning the sport now that her school has adequate equipment.

“Well I will get to experience how it’s played; I watch it on television, but now I getting the feel of how it’s played,” she said.

Belle West Primary School sits on the West Bank of Demerara in Canal No. 2 and is slated to receive additional sport infrastructure shortly as well as a library and 100 odd dictionaries.


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