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Monday, 22 April 2019 12:23

STARR launches Innovation Centre

STARR Computer has launched an Innovation Centre to keep abreast with new disruptions that change career paths in a bid to get the next generation of Guyanese to prepare their own pathway to success.

The technology building, located on Brickdam, Georgetown, was also recently refurbished with a futuristic outlook that aims to promote modern educational development, starting with robotic toys to modern classroom solutions.

The centre is open to the public and aims to fast-forward learning through the use of various electronic technologies.

Under the theme “Today’s children are tomorrow’s future,” President of STARR Computer, Mike Mohan, said technology is changing the way persons work, live and play.

“As we enter the age of robotisation, greater focus should be on our children’s educational development. Our Innovation Centre, with the help of our international partners, will be focused on modern educational development starting with robotic toys through our Kids Discovery Department to modern classroom solutions,” he told the media at a recent launch.

Adding that education is an on-going process, Mohan said the educational system needs to be enhanced, from teaching students to just learning how to remember facts and figures to learning problem-solving, logic and critical-thinking.

“It is important for them to learn, as learning is an on-going process. Every child will need to have a mobile device which can help them interact with educational contents instantly. Augmented Reality will become a way of life in the future. And, at a very young age, they will have to learn coding to better understand the functioning of the devices around them,” Mohan explained.

He said with an emerging oil and gas economy, to fast forward learning, modern classrooms will be needed to allow each child to interact with their teachers and communicate with a shared electronic whiteboard, using a wide range of mobile devices across multiple operating system platforms.

“STARR has integrated technologies from various manufacturers, including Samsung, Lenovo, Epson to develop its own modern classroom solution. Teachers can now connect with up to 50 students simultaneously in a classroom into a virtual learning process,” he noted.

This system, Mohan said, allows the result of exams to be shared instantly with administrators and parents.

And with a stable and high-speed Internet connection, he said teachers can conduct classes to multiple locations at the same time.

Noting that the Innovation Centre also showcases the introduction of disruptive technologies, he said the current robotic vacuum cleaner at the Innovation Centre will be extended to humanoid robots.

“Dr Albert Einstein– a robotic doll– already responds to questions via the wireless Internet. The Hologram 3D displays images of brands and products in an eye-catching experience. Recreational Drones on display can be upgraded to agricultural, search and rescue, and deliverable drones,” Mohan said of the items on display.

In the near future, he said that STARR will be showcasing an industrial drone for the agricultural sector on their newly-built Observation Deck.

He said the recreational 3D Printer on display will open the imagination for manufacturers.

“Today, 3D printers are used to produce low- income homes. Many technology partners have teamed up with STARR COMPUTER to showcase their future roadmap in the STARR Innovation Centre. From business solutions, retail management, laser projection, security solutions, power management and education, the Innovation Centre will feature the future of cutting-edge technology,” he added.

STARR has partnered with companies such as Hewlett Packard, APC, Epson, ELO, Bematec, Honeywell, HikVision and Star Micronics to conduct seminars\workshops on emerging technologies at the Innovation Centre.


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