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Wednesday, 10 April 2019 09:26

Education Ministry’s ‘Math Camps’ continue nationwide

─ as ministry strives for continuous improvement in student performance

As part of its continued efforts to achieve higher student performance outcomes in the area of Mathematics at the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) level, the Ministry of Education had introduced a ‘Math Camp’ initiative in several schools nationwide last year. The camps have since been fully operational.

In the lead up to this year’s examination, the ministry has continued its Mathematics camps which saw Grade Six pupils attending classes from 09:00hrs to 12:00hrs on Saturdays.

Parents and teachers had also raised concerns about the curriculum not being completed on time, a fault the sessions will make up for.

Region Four Education Officer, Shaharazade Atkinson cited parents’ improved involvement and support for the initiative. “It has been well received by the parents; most parents are cooperating with us to send their children to the Maths camp.”news 20190411 10

The sessions are being offered at no cost and, therefore, are not to be misconstrued for extra lessons.

The initiative is expected to see Mathematics’ coordinators and Monitors organising and being actively involved in this exercise, along with teachers from various schools.

Math Monitor, Narpattie Mohammed said the children are benefitting from the camp. “They come because they enjoy it, they come because they are learning more, they get individual attention on Saturdays.”

The programme entails training for teachers in content and methodology for efficient delivery with over 1,000 teachers.

Marcel Hutson, Chief Education Officer said the ministry is keeping the nation’s children in the forefront of their plans going forward. “Many of our teachers are working assiduously to ensure that we actually see an improvement in terms of our performance when compared to last year.”news 20190411 9

Last year, the Mathematics intervention saw the ministry recording a 46 per cent pass rate in Mathematics. This came on the heels of a previous pass rate of just 14 per cent.

The Education Ministry has also implemented other initiatives to facilitate improved results in the primary level, including its curriculum reform programmes.

Also, in the pipeline for 2019 is the introduction of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at the Grade Four level. Minister of Education, Dr. Nicolette Henry recently reaffirmed her ministry’s commitment to the educational development of all learners.

She explained that students from Hinterland areas are also benefitting from the programmes being delivered on the coast, as part of the ministry’s efforts to reduce the disparities that exist between the two areas and to provide equitable learning opportunities to all.

These interventions are considered timely and are expected to revamp the entire education system in Guyana.

The 2019 sitting of the NGSA is slated for April 17 and 18.


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