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Wednesday, 10 April 2019 08:38

Min. Norton engages GNYC on establishment of regional youth bodies

The possibility of establishing subsidiaries of the Guyana National Youth Council in each of the 10 Administrative Regions is currently being examined by the Honourable Minister of Social Cohesion, Dr. George Norton, in partnership with the Guyana National Youth Council (GNYC).

Discussions in relation to the aforementioned were had during a recent meeting Minister Norton had with the Director of Youth, Ms. Melissa Carmichael; the Assistant Director of Youth, Ms. Leslyn Boyce; Interim Chairperson of the GNYC, Mr. Derwayne Wills; and Assistant Project Coordinator of GYNC, Ms. Jewel Marvel.

During the engagement held at Minister Norton’s Main Street office, he noted that while the GNYC must remain as independent as it is, he does have a genuine interest in the development and success of the organization.

“This is because the GNYC plays a critical role in youth and national development. As the Department of Youth, we rely on you for information and input as we try to craft the best possible policies and programmes to enhance the lives of our young people,” Minister Norton explained.

He added that in keeping with this administration’s drive for inclusion, “We want to ensure that the concerns and needs of young people throughout the length and breadth of Guyana are adequately addressed.”

According to GNYC’s Interim Chairperson, Mr. Derwayne Wills, the council has already embarked on plans to engage existing youth bodies in the various regions to discuss comprehensive collaborations and information sharing.

“We do have a calendar organized for our regional outreaches. We’ve mapped out how we are going to start the process with Regions Two, Three, Five, Six and 10,” Wills said.

He explained that getting to Regions One, Seven, Eight and Nine would be a little more difficult, and as such, planning for these regions will take some more time.

Minister Norton expressed the Ministry’s willingness to assist, and provide support via the regional Social Cohesion, Sports and Youth Officers.

The efforts to resuscitate the regional youth bodies is likely commence within the coming weeks.

Additionally, the GNYC used the opportunity to seek assistance for council representatives to attend a regional youth forum in Anguilla.

“We’ve already nominated two persons to attend this activity, but we are in need of some assistance in relation to traveling,” Wills highlighted.

Minister Norton asked that a comprehensive proposal be submitted to his office for consideration.

Dr. Norton and GNYC have agreed to have regular discussions in relation to youth development.

“We want to have regular progress updates. I believe that the council should know what the Department of Youth is doing and similarly, we should have an idea of the work and plans of the GNYC as well, so our meetings will continue to happen as we work towards enhancing the lives of young Guyanese,” Minister Norton noted.


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