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Wednesday, 27 March 2019 10:55

Youths urged to seek out jobs in ICT

Secondary school students have been encouraged to seek out jobs in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) field through entrepreneurial ventures.

On Monday, the Ministry of Public Telecommunications (MoPT) began its two-week outreach initiative of edifying students of junior secondary schools, through half-day symposiums about the opportunities that exist in ICT. Following these engagements, the ministry will then select students from these schools to intern with local ICT companies over the August vacation.

A resource team of IT professionals from several private sector companies, along with ICT Training personnel from the Ministries of Education and Public Telecommunications, will visit five schools in Georgetown first.

Speaking to students of the Carmel Secondary school, Minister of Public Telecommunications, Cathy Hughes, highlighted that the government has been placing much emphasis on widening access on ICT services in an attempt to create a more ‘tech-savvy’ population. And, according to her, young people especially have been benefitting from this, since they are able to grasp technology easier.

“Because you find using technology so easy, I want you to think about finding a career and going into technology just as easy,” Hughes stressed.
The minister explained that the government saw the need to provide Internet access to persons and as such, there was the introduction of the e-Governance project, which provides free Internet access to schools and public buildings. Added to that, ICT hubs have been created in communities nationwide.

Building on that, she stressed that it becomes necessary for Guyanese youth to use the technology offered to then to help develop their communities

“By 2025, 75 per cent of the jobs in the world are going to require some skills in using the computer, in using a tablet and using the Internet and knowing how to navigate these,” she related, while emphasising how necessary it is for young people to engage technology.

“What I’m trying to say to each and every one of you, the onus is on you…I’m pleading with you to take advantage of the opportunities you have,” she said.

Ministerial Adviser to the Public Telecommunication Minister and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Brainstreet, Lance Hinds, indicated that too often jobs in ICT have been overlooked, and encouraged the youths to consider the very many jobs they can get involved 20190401 1

“There is no other industry that has that general reach… in terms of employment and that general reach,” Hinds said. He further explained that within every sector there is the need for ICT professionals, because of how integrated and inseparable technology has become in everyday life.

Similarly, owner of local IT solutions company Intellect Storm, Rowen Willabus, highlighted the very many ways the young people could earn through ICT– citing his own experience.
Willabus told the gathering of school children that the field is one which allows them to be independent and work doing what they love; whether it is graphic designing, animation, programming, data entry or otherwise.

Minister Hughes also shared that it is not just about finding jobs and being employed.

“What we tried to share with you today are the possibilities that you have within yourselves to create your own employment opportunities,” she said.


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