Ministry of Education, Guyana

Sunday, 17 March 2019 09:46

$9M Nursery for Mainstay Lake

─ to house 30 children

─ slated to open its doors March 28, 2019

A new nursery school has been constructed in the Indigenous community of Mainstay Lake in the Pomeroon-Supenaam Region at a cost of $9M.

The school currently caters for thirty nursery school students but has the capacity to house fifty. Currently, the students are being housed in the primary school building.

Regional Executive Officer, Denis Jaikaran said the date of March 28 has been set to have the school become operational since the current environment is not conducive for the nursery students.

“Nursery school children require their own space and also a lot of space which caters for various types of learning that attracts the five senses. Knowing this, I am pushing for an early date to open this new building that we constructed,” REO Jaikaran remarked.

Speaking to the Department of Public Information (DPI), Village Toshao Milton Fredericks welcomed the recent development in his community.

“The development is very timely. It will serve our community well and allow our babies to learn in an environment that is good for them. The teachers can now do their teaching aids and hang it up and decorate their classroom and make it very welcoming for their children. I anticipate that this development will raise the standard of the education given to our school children and we will see better results at the various exams,” Fredericks said.

The school was constructed after strong representation from the community in 2018 and comes at a time when the government is focusing on improving the education level of across the entire country.


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