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Wednesday, 06 March 2019 10:35

New timetable for several schools slated

― timetable to be rolled out nationwide

As the Ministry of Education continues with its reform of the level and quality of education being delivered to students, it has piloted a newly improved timetable for several primary schools.

The ministry, in collaboration with the Guyana Education Sector Improvement project (GESIP), is currently conducting a series of consultation sessions across the country as part of the reformation of the national curriculum.

According to Assistant Chief Executive Officer responsible for the Primary Department, Carol Benn the new timetable has been piloted in some schools nationwide.

“Very soon that timetable will be rolled out to all the schools in the country because we have received complaints from parents that work is too much, the children are required to take too many books, the school bags are too heavy to be carried on their backs; some of the complaints we got. So, we decided that we’ll review the timetable to help address some of this,” Benn said.

With the National Grade Six Assessment approaching, Benn said that the new timetable would alleviate some problems the students face as well as provide additional time for reinforcement exercises.

“Also, in that timetable, we have put aside a period where there is no special subject to be taught, but whichever subject the children are doing well versed in or whichever concepts, they did not quite grasp, here again, the teacher has a chance to work that concept through with the children,” Benn explained.

The local education syllabus has not been reformed since 1976, and these steps taken are considered timely.

The National Grade Six Assessment is slated to be written on April 17 and 18, 2019.


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