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Wednesday, 20 February 2019 09:45

Positive discipline workshop hosted in Reg. 6

― supported by UNICEF; parents and teachers learn of alternative methods to corporal punishment

A positive discipline workshop supported by UNICEF was hosted in New Amsterdam, Region Six, East Berbice Corentyne, targetting parents and teachers from secondary schools.

Monitoring Officer at Ministry of Education, Eleatrice Davenport said the focus of the exercise is to provide a discussion on the benefits of positive discipline and how parents and teachers can use alternatives to corporal punishment.

According to Davenport, the ministry is cognisant of the fact that instances of aggression have reared its head in some communities across the country and as such wants to make a difference by targetting schools.

“This exercise is being held in order to see if we can make a difference within the school’s system. We are trying to avoid the use of corporal punishment and instead focus on positive discipline. So, this workshop will give the teachers as well as parents alternatives to whipping,” Davenport 20190221 1

According to the monitoring officer, the ministry has seen changes in the Primary Schools throughout East Berbice Corentyne as a result of workshops which targeted parents and teachers attached to the Primary levels. Fifty-six Primary Schools benefited from the positive discipline workshop in 2018.

“In Region Six, there have been changes in the Primary School system we have had success stories and while teachers in the Primary Schools no longer resort to using corporal punishment, it has not affected the academic performance in any way shape or form and the attendance rate has gone up. Students will normally be scared to attend school because of the fear of corporal punishment,” Davenport added.

New Amsterdam Secondary, Vrymans Erven Secondary and Berbice Educational Institute were the schools that benefitted from Friday’s workshop held in the auditorium of Vrymans Erven Secondary School. Forty teachers and scores of parents and students participated in the workshop.

The Ministry of Education intends to take the positive discipline workshop to schools along the Corentyne. Similar exercises will soon commence in other regions across Guyana.


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