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Wednesday, 13 February 2019 09:23

UG launches Centre of Excellence

The University of Guyana (UG) today launched its Centre of Excellence for Teaching and Learning (CoETaL) under the theme: “New Era, New Strategies to Enhance Teaching and Learning as We Journey along Renaissance Road”.

Present at the launch was Minister of Education, Dr. Nicolette Henry as well as UG’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith.

Minister Henry officially launched the centre with her remarks where she highlighted the importance of the institution and others like it, in moulding the nation’s human resources.

“This university, over the years, has been evolving into a more competitive and respected tertiary institution in the region and is certainly responsible for a lot that is required for this country’s human resource development,” Minister Henry remarked.

She also highlighted the demand, not only for greater diversification but for higher education, mainly since Guyana is on the cusp of becoming an energy-based economy.

In his remarks to the audience, Griffith spoke of finding opportunities to better serve the students of the university: “We have got to find the opportunity of enhancing our ability to serve the students, and our primary constituency to serve the students is the faculty, the lecturers, the technicians in the library.”news 20190214 5

Griffith highlighted the components of his Renaissance plan that seeks to enhance the university and therefore, better serve the students. The plan consists of four major components, namely: Capital Investment, Academic Enhancement, Economic Viability and Alumni Engagement.

This plan has already led to a number of enhancements to the campus grounds and facilities.


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