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Sunday, 10 February 2019 09:31

Nursery schools close off 2019 Children’s Mashramani Competition… for Region Four

As the curtain for the 2019 Region Four Children’s Mashramani Competition concluded on Friday, the nursery schools gave credence to the term ‘saving the best for last’.

The nursery school children came out in large numbers to represent their schools with the final day of competition being held at the Enmore Community Centre ground.

Several parents and well-wishers were also in attendance to encourage and witness the children as they competed in several categories. The children poured their hearts out in their performances with many cheering and encouraging the evidently brave children on their performances which brought many sitting in the stands to their feet and others moving unto the ground closer to the stage as they sought to get a better glimpse of what was happening.

The children, who came from as far as Clonbrook Nursey on the East Coast to Silver Hill Nursery, turned out early to play their part in a very packed programme. Lending valuable support were teachers from the respective schools with a number of parents lending support as 20190211 8

The crowd, eager to witness the Dance, Costume and Calypso categories, were content to wait as the competition started with the Choir competition.

The results are as follows: in the Choir category, Triumph nursery reigned supreme over the other schools with East Ville and Friendship taking second and third respectively. The Dramatic Poetry category saw some 15 contestants with many bringing their A game.

However, in the end, Samuel Gillis of Timehri had to settle for third with Annandale North’s Amika Persaud occupying the second position and Prospect’s Kai Cummings coming out on top for that category.

In the Games–Rhythm and Movement category, Beterverwagting Nursery took first with second and third place going to the May 26 and Blossom Scheme Nursery respectively. In the Costume category, Pinola Nursery was too strong for the other school with second place being occupied by Company Road Buxton Nursery and third place going to Dorcas Nursery School.

In the Calypso category, Lenee Gulliver with Oil on we Mind represented Nabaclis Nursery really well, winning the crowd and judges’ nod. Second place was taken by Kiara Tucker of Triumph Nursery while Shania Cain of Strathspey Nursery, singing Guyanese enjoy the spree through Mashramani, placed third.

In the masquerade category, Ann’s Grove Nursery’s Little Warriors captured this category. In the Dance category, it was intense showing by the 20 schools which competed in Religious and Rig Dance. Clonbrook Nursery took first place in the Religious category with Haslington and May 26 rounding off the second and third places respectively. Meanwhile, in the Ring dance, May 26 took first with Eccles Nursery being awarded second place and Gandhi Memorial Nursery capturing third.


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