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Thursday, 27 December 2018 09:16

Youth benefit from digital literacy training

About 60 young people have benefited so far from training in digital literacy, through the Digital Guyana Initiative organised by the Department of Youth, in collaboration with The Masterclass Institute.

The programme has been implemented in Linden and in New Amsterdam, Berbice at the Vryman’s Erven Training Centre.

General Manager at the Masterclass Institute, Dennon Lewis, facilitated the sessions and engaged the young people in the areas of knowledge economy, design and online employment opportunities.

“This project serves as the foundation for the creation of a ‘new’ economy in Guyana, one where digital employment is a household option that is used and exploited by young people,” Lewis said.

According to him, digital employment can be harnessed to provide supplementary income or even direct income, based on the passion and desire of that 20181227 4

This training builds digital skills and creates awareness regarding local, regional and international opportunities.

“The digital revolution is alive and Guyana is perfectly positioned to take advantage of all the opportunities that it brings. It’s important for our youth to understand how essential these tools are to their future. Exposure and skills training on these platforms can play a significant role in shaping their careers,” Lewis explained further.

In a release, Director of Youth, Melissa Carmichael-Haynes said the Department of Youth stays committed to developing young people’s potential by equipping them with the necessary tools and resources for their personal development.

In early January, the next phase of this programme will be implemented when young persons in Charity, Essequibo Coast will be able to access the same training.

“The Masterclass Institute aims to continue its collaborations with The Department of Youth to train young persons across Guyana and to empower them across modern platforms,” the release also noted.


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