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Tuesday, 18 September 2018 08:36

Education Ministry launches first Smart Classroom in Region One

In Region One, there has been a shortage of teachers for quite some time. This inhibits the region’s ability to adequately manage the number of children that pass through the public school system.

In an attempt to remedy this shortage, Region One has launched its very first Smart Classroom. Marti De Souza, District Education Officer for Region One, explained the concept of a smart classroom at the mini STEAMS (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Spirituality/Sports) Fair and Exhibition on Saturday last.
The fair was held on the lawns of the Education Department in Mabaruma.
The Smart Classroom is meant to allow teachers to tutor students remotely (from other schools in the region or on the coast), in cases where students are stationed at schools, which have teacher shortages. The new system depends on microphones, speakers, projectors and a reliable internet connection. It will allow live discussion, with back and forth communication between students and teachers.
The classroom was demonstrated at the STEAMS fair on Saturday, in the building of the Department of Education. Students were given a mathematics lesson on subtraction.
The new smart classroom is a part of the Ministry of Education’s plans to reduce inequality and disparity between the quality of education being provided on the coastland and the hinterland.
Region One intends to dedicate more funds to drastically modernize Barima-Waina’s delivery of academic content to students.
Regional Chairman for Region One, Brentnol Ashley, said that it is important to ensure that every child has an opportunity to maximize their potential, and leaders should assist in ensuring such opportunities are provided.
The STEAMS fair was the first event to mark the observance of Education Month 2018 in Guyana. The theme for Education Month, this year, is “Education for a Good Life- Through Innovation and STEAMS”.


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