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Tuesday, 11 September 2018 09:12

Moraikobai Student Dormitory, Mahaicony Hostel go online

Students and residents being housed at Moraikobai Student Dormitory and the Indigenous Residence, Mahaicony Region Five are now benefitting from free internet access through the eGovernment network.

In a release today, NDMA said the initiative is part of the National Data Management Authority (NDMA)’s mandate to provide free internet service to under-served areas throughout the country.

Last week, NDMA’s Chairman Floyd Levi and Director of Community Development and Social Management, Phillip Walcott visited Region Five, where they met with the Toshao of Moraikobai, Colin Adrian at the Student Dormitory in Mahaicony.

Toshao Adria said they will be implementing guidelines for the dormitory and putting “policies in place because they (students) are not allowed to use smartphones, but because this is a government initiative and we are on board, we have to determine how to we can get it up and running and manage it. It is very useful and is something I have advocated for. I welcome the initiative.”

Hostel caretaker, Megan Adrian explained that the residents welcomed the free internet access. “People will be happy to have access to the internet because they were asking for it. I put the idea to the Toshao and it came through very quickly. I know the people here will be happy,” she said.

The Moraikobai community, located along the Mahaicony River, is also slated to get online. Toshao Adrian added that the initiative will be a significant boost for the village to market their produce.


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