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Presidential Scholarship Awardee chooses Warwick University

Eighteen year-old Kayshav Tewari was awarded Most Outstanding Candidate in Sciences and Most Outstanding Candidate Overall in 2016 at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations. The former Queen’s College student achieved 19 Grade Ones.

The young scholar was later able to secure ‘A’ Grades in Economics, Law, Mathematics and Sociology at School of the Nations’ Cambridge University International Advanced Subsidiary [AS] in 2017. While there, he also attained Grade ‘A’ in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Sociology in Advanced Level [AL].
Today, Tewari is the recipient of a prestigious Presidential Scholarship Award by the Government of Guyana, allowing him to pursue his academic study anywhere in the world. However, the determined scholar zeroed in on Warwick University, England, to pursue a Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE).
Driven by an insatiable and profound desire to connect with others on a human level, Tewari said he selected the PPE degree programme because he aspires to make an impactful difference in the lives of vulnerable people in our society.
“Aiming to steer clear of the damaging notion that at a very tender age one must choose a career and stick with that for the rest of his/her life, I have given myself the opportunity to find myself as I progress through my studies. What I am certain of, however, is that the welfare of my country and my people lay rooted deep within my heart, and serve as an endless source of inspiration,” he related.
Despite his tremendous academic achievements, Tewari possesses an unfading humility in character.
“I can say firmly that I am most proud, not of my educational prowess and achievements, but of the memories and relationships I have fostered during my academic career. I would prefer to show off the friends I have been gifted to that of shiny plastic trophies and blots of ink on paper”, emphasized Tewari.
In recognition of his imperfection, the young man admitted his phase of self-discovery is not unlike any of us, and that setbacks and mistakes in life are unavoidable.
Moreover, he strongly affirms that we are not defined by our tragedy, but by our ability to recover from those challenges. To this he said, “I believe that each person is different and has different strengths and weaknesses, and it is up to us to find what we’re good at and pursue that goal relentlessly”.
Many are not born in his image; by talking to him you get a sense of greatness that oozes from his DNA. Tewari exemplifies the quality of humanness and intelligence that is a rarity found among his peers. This sentiment was succinctly captured in his advice to aspiring academics, “The only thing I wish to impart is that anyone can learn to read and memorize a book, or recognize when to use this formula or that one; anyone can be smart. However, that is not a prerequisite for real intelligence. There are so many intelligent people who are believed to be failures because they cannot run, when they were born to fly or swim or even crawl”, the young scholar articulated.
Tewari represents a source of pride for his friends, his family, and his country – young minds of his calibre must be honoured. He embarks on his scholarship to Warwick University, England, later this month.


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