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Tuesday, 10 July 2018 13:46

STEM Guyana taking technology into schools

Local tech organisation, STEM Guyana, is seeking to expand youth exposure to technology by initiating STEM clubs in schools through collaboration with the Ministry of Education.

Though the organisation has attempted to foster the creation of the clubs in schools, there has been only little progress. According to founder of STEM Guyana, Karen Abrams, “We are trying to get traction on a STEM afterschool programme through the Ministry of Education (MoE).”

Abrams explained to the Guyana Chronicle that since the introduction of robotics to Guyanese youth during the summer of 2016, youth across the country have become more and more exposed to technology and have shown a keen interest in the field. Cognisant of this, the organisation would have attempted to introduce clubs in various schools.

“[Regarding] the STEM clubs in schools, we haven’t made much traction on it,” the founder acknowledged. She added that the existing clubs are those which participated in the 2016 Robotics summer camp like The Bishop’s and St. Roses High Schools.

Additionally, clubs have been formed in communities like the Lusignan- Good Hope STEM group and the Belladrum STEM team. Some of these groups have been receiving tremendous support from the local community and members in the diaspora, due to the great impact technology has made on the youth.

Speaking at the recent robotics exhibition, First Lady, Sandra Granger commented on the support the Belladrum team received from members of the community, where the team members received 10 robotics kits from villagers.

Alongside this, Abrams related that the organisation is streamlining a more formal programme in schools. The founder said that the Department of Youth will be approached directly if the collaboration with the MoE does not bear fruit.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT), Justin Nedd posited that the corporate body is wholeheartedly supporting the introduction of technology in schools across Guyana.

He shared his belief that technology will be irreplaceable in every part of life by 2030, where tasks being done manually by humans will become near obsolete and commended Karen and STEM Guyana for preparing Guyana for the future.

“Behind any vision you need execution,” Nedd shared at the exhibition and affirmed, “GTT believes in the children of Guyana, that is why we will continue working with the MoE and the Ministry of Public Telecommunications to ensure that we put internet in schools so that we can accelerate learning.”


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