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Wednesday, 13 June 2018 09:14

Introduction to Chess Workshop in Schools held in Bartica area

As the promotion of chess in Guyana continues, the National Sports Commission sent National Chess Coach Wendell Meusa to Region 7 Cuyuni – Mazaruni in Bartica from the 4th – 8th June, 2016 where he conducted the Bartica Chess in School – Introduction to Chess Workshop. At the workshop, National Chess Coach Wendell Meusa worked along with Regional Sports Organiser for the Cuyuni – Mazaruni region Mr. Mark Ambrose, visited St. John’s the Baptist Primary School, Three Miles Secondary, Two Miles Primary, St. Anthony’s Primary (Main Building and Annex) and Bartica Government Secondary School.

During this visit to Bartica, Mr. Meusa coached 276 children from the above schools teaching them the basics of chess such as the history of chess, benefits (academic) of chess in schools, FIDE (World Chess Federation) rules and regulation, the chess board and how to play with the every pieces. This is the basics of chess at the developmental level or introductory level for competitive chess at an international level.

Also, famous immortal games from the Paul Morphy (former USA Champ) and Adolf Anderssen (former German & World Champion) from 1852 & 1842 were studied to illustrate the basic tactical and strategic ideas in 20180613 8

This was phase one of the promotion and development of chess in that region. This programme will be conducted for schools on the river-side in the region, there will be a teacher’s training programme and a inter-school novice competition in the region.
The ultimate aim of these programmes is to promote the development chess clubs within the schools where these clubs will be managed by the teachers. news 20180613 9Also, it is with great hope to have schools from this region participate in this year National Inter-School Chess Championships which is normally held yearly by Guyana Chess Federation but has not come off lately due to sponsorship.
Regional Education Officer (REDO) for Region 7 Mr. Akbar Chindu, openly welcomed Mr. Meusa to the region and supported the development of chess not only for schools in Bartica but for the community as well. Mr. Chindu stated that he knows the mental benefits of chess and would love to have it as part of his school system in the region. He hopes that this is not the beginning and the end of the development of the sport in the region, and that the sport can be spread to ‘interior’ schools in the region so they can have equal chances for their social and mental development.


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