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Monday, 07 May 2018 08:56

Digital Guyana Project 2018 – 50 Youths Equipped With Digital Skills

news 20180508 3The Department of Youth, in collaboration with the MasterClass Institute, embarked on an initiative to enhance digital awareness and skills development with Guyanese youths through the Digital Guyana Project. The training program was designed with two primary objectives: to educate youths on local, regional and international opportunities for virtual employment and entrepreneurship, and to develop the relevant digital skills to effectively leverage those opportunities.

The training sessions were delivered by Mr. Dennon Lewis, General Manager of the MasterClass Institute. Sessions were held in Linden on April 23 and 24 and in Berbice on April 26 and 27. The ages of those attending the sessions ranged from 17 to 27, with a class size of approximately 25 students per day.

Students were given opportunities to gain first-hand experience on various software programmes and web platforms. They received training in the areas of graphic design, presentation creation, and online research among others. They were also exposed to the world of online employment through platforms, such as Upwork – a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate 20180508 4

The Director of the Department of Youth, Ms Melissa Carmichael, said, “The feedback received from this initiative is inspiring. Students are telling us that the programme was both engaging and informative. We encourage the students to ensure they practice the skills learned and to continue the conversation with their peers. The Digital Guyana Project aims to build a solid foundation for growing and developing a skilled workforce that can leverage local, regional, and global opportunities. These training sessions are merely the first step. The technology is here, and it is our aim to equip our youths with the necessary skills to apply that knowledge strategically.”

According to Mr. Lewis, Facilitator of the Digital Guyana Project, “Digital skills are the currency of the digital economy and online freelancing is projected to add 2.7 trillion dollars to the global GDP. With 70% of Guyana’s population under the age of 40, we expect more Guyanese youths to be a part of this digital movement. The leadership shown by the Director of Youth is a great indicator that more focus will be placed on equipping Guyanese youth – to not only be a part of the movement but to ultimately become pioneers in a digital world.”

The Masterclass Institute is a business education and training organisation that aims to transform Guyana’s economic landscape. It is the official partner of the world-renowned FranklinCovey organization, formerly known as the Covey Leadership Centre. Dr. Rosh Khan is the Founder and President of the Masterclass Institute.


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