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Tuesday, 17 April 2018 09:15

Students of Mahaicony High invent Oil Vanquisher

Present at the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) fair this year, was one of the most innovative projects that is intended to soon be implemented. The inventors of the project were Asha Tracey, Rajendra Mangru and their teacher Sabrina Dookie of Mahaicony High.

According to Ms Dookie, it was noticed in the community that persons in the area were dumping waste oil, motor oils and other types of oils into the rivers. This is done mainly by fishermen and sea workers who conduct work related activities in the area.
The project was started initially last January. They noted that it was very challenging at times but that did not defeat their purpose. Mangru stated that he and other students pitched in to complete the project successfully.
The aim of the project is to build fundamental ways of curbing oil spills within the oil industry. Once completed, the vanquisher can help to reduce the amount of oil wasted if an oil spill is ever to occur. This can affect the natural and human environment as well.
Kaieteur News was able to get a first-hand view on how the vanquisher is intended to work. They use iron filings to represent the motor of the vanquisher and the oil would bond with the iron filings. The vanquisher then pulls out the oil or materials by way of suction and stores it.
The materials used in the project were wood, paint, cardboard, cups, water, different oils and iron traces. The project won the top prize at the National STEAM fair this year.
The students intend to continue pushing to get their project funded and implemented.


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