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Saturday, 14 April 2018 10:04

Ministry on mission to bring education parity and equity to Region One

news 20180414In order to conduct an inquest into the delivery of education in Region One, a team of Ministry of Education officials will be visiting the Whitewater community.

The move comes as part of a deliberate effort of the Education Ministry to ensure that equity and parity in education is evident across the regions, in a quest to realise universal access to education at all levels.

Universal access to education speaks to access to education that allows all to have equal opportunity in education, regardless of their social class, gender, ethnic background and other prevailing factors.
Moreover, Senior Public Relations Officer, Mr. Brushell Blackman, yesterday informed that the visit to Region One [Barima-Waini] in the coming week, will be tailored to enquire into the quality of education accessible in the Whitewater community.
The team that will be visiting is the Ministry’s Education Systems Committee, which will be led by Chief Education Officer [CEO], Mr. Marcel Hutson. Hutson will be accompanied by the Deputy CEO [Administration], Assistant CEO [Secondary], Assistant CEO [Primary], Assistant CEO [Tertiary], Director of the National Centre for Educational Research Development, a Representative from the Buildings Unit, the Parent/Teacher Association Coordinator, a representative from the Welfare Department, Technical Assistant to the CEO and a Public Relations Officer.
Among the tasks of the visiting Ministry team will be to examine the management of the Whitewater Primary School in order to verify the enrolment of the school for gazetting. Also the team will give attention to the supervision of the instructional programme, address staffing issues as well as the welfare needs of the community.
Added to this, the team will be engrossed in examining the adherence to the non-academic standards, that is, buildings, school supplies, materials and equipment for school furniture and recreational facilities.
The team is slated to commence the visit on Monday, during which a courtesy call will be paid to the Regional Administration and the Toshao.
Following the scheduled formalities, Blackman disclosed that “sub teams will look at specific areas in keeping with the scope of the enquiry and general discourse with the community members.”
Once the work of the team concludes, the Senior Public Relations Officer revealed that a comprehensive report detailing recommendations to improve the quality of education delivery in the community will be compiled. The report, Blackman assured, will be completed within seven days after the visit, and the Ministry will forthwith act on the recommendations of the report where necessary.


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