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Saturday, 10 March 2018 08:50

School promotes ‘green’s pesticide at STEAM fair

news 20180310Many recently witnessed the vast potential of young Guyanese minds, as Region Two [Pomeroon/Supenaam], last Thursday wrapped up its Regional Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics [STEAM] fair 2018.

The event which was officially launched last Wednesday, was hosted at the Cotton Field Secondary School with some 26 participating schools on board. The fair this year, was centered on the theme, “Science technology, engineering, arts, Mathematics, paving the way for a green and sustainable society.”
As the theme indicates, STEAM has been paving the way for a green and sustainable society for as long as we can remember. This was definitely evident in the innovative projects displayed over the last two days at the STEAM fair.
An outstanding demonstration of innovation, was definitely present in the Abrams Zuil Secondary school, who engineered an effective pesticide using local ingredients. The new pesticide was tagged by the name NGP, a simple acronym for its three primary ingredients Neem, Garlic and Pepper.
According to the School’s presenter, the ingredients were researched online, where their fundamental use were realised. Neem is believed to have been the oldest remedy in pest control. As was explained, “Neem has been used in India on the rice farm and kitchen garden. It also reduces the reproduction rate of pests and it affects their feeding habit.”
As for the ingredient garlic, its toxic sulfur would be detrimental to pests if ingested. Pepper on the other hand, was used to ward off pesticides.
When combined, these three ingredients create a powerful pesticide, which is green and environment friendly. It was reported that the NGP has already been tested on plants and has yielded excellent results thus far.
Based on the experiment’s report, the NGP was successful in eradicating a plant disease in just two days. Traditional pesticides on the other hand took additional days before the disease could have been eradicated. The NGP has also been proven to be environmental friendly as is produces no carbon emission.
This innovation, if carefully developed, may be just the solution farmers are looking for. Region Two being a predominant farming community is always dependent on pesticides. The problem is however that these pesticides are very costly and dangerous to one’s health.
The NGP being engineered can very well prove to be cost effective, making itself a plus to the agro industry. [Romario Blair]


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