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Sunday, 11 March 2018 08:38

$40M new nursery school for Perth Village

news 20180311The community surrounding Perth Village is soon to benefit from a brand new nursery school.

About three kilometers south of Central Mahaicony, in Region Five, is situated the quiet Perth Village, on the left bank of the Mahaicony River, home to a small number of residents, when compared to other Mahaicony villages such as Catherine, Calcutta, Now-or-Never, or Perseverance.
A farming community where rice is the main crop cultivated, Perth Village is better known as home to the ever popular Perth Friendly and Burial Society. The Perth Society Hall, a prominent landmark, has been a multipurpose hall since it was erected. It would have been the venue for many a meetings, wedding receptions as well as for other functions.

When it was decided that the Village needed a Nursery School, the authorities could not resist approaching the executive of the Perth Friendly and Burial Society who readily consented to have the Perth Nursery housed in the lower flat of the building.
However, changing dynamics over the years would have forced residents as well as education officials to re-examine the idea of continuing to house the school in that particular building. The general consensus was that it was not ideal to continue housing the school in the society hall, and while the Regional Administration was quite willing and ready to launch the project, there was the issue of land on which to build the school, as there is no available state land in the area.
However, that did not turn out to be much of an issue as authorities were able to acquire a parcel of land from the Morrison family who willingly made available a plot of land on the opposite side of the public road, opposite the very Perth Society Hall, upon which the new Perth Nursery School is being 20180311 1
The contract was awarded to Memorex Construction Company, and with work currently in progress, the facility is scheduled to be ready for the new school year in September.

According to the Regional Engineer, Mr. Dhanpaul Sukha, the school which will service Perth Village and neighbouring villages, is being constructed at a cost of some $40M.
The Perth Nursery School which carries a two-year programme like all other schools across Guyana currently has 20 pupils on roll. There are two teachers on staff.
The two teachers on the staff and the current year one pupils can look forward to utilizing a brand new facility come September, through the combined efforts of the Government through the Regional Administration: funding and execution; and the Morrison family from whom the land was acquired for the construction of the facility.


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