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Thursday, 21 December 2017 09:12

Generation Next graduates over 100 in various areas of skill

news 20171221Over 100 persons received their certificates as Generation Next graduated its seventh batch of skilled professionals in various fields. These include fabric design, floral arrangements, cake decoration, graphic design, wood working, Chinese (Mandarin) cookery and cosmetology.

The graduation ceremony which was held on Tuesday at the Queen’s College Auditorium, was a collaborative effort between Generation Next and the Small Business Bureau.

In his address, Chief Education Officer (CEO)Marcel Hutson told the graduates that the best way to face the challenges of life and experience their dreams is through the pursuit of 20171221 1

“Education is a vital ingredient which provides a way of escaping from the vagaries of life, education has the ability to propel the individual and the nation out of a state of social economic and moral decadents since it gives you the power to realize your dreams by helping you to recognize and to take advantage of opportunities that will come before you,” Hutson said.

The certificates received by the graduates are recognised by technical vocational and skills-training institutions in Guyana. For some of the newly certified professionals, graduating is a bold statement to where they see themselves heading in the future.

Abigail Bennett a Seamstress by profession graduated in the field of cosmetology. Bennett explained “it was a wonderful feeling to have finally accomplished something that you love. I love art and anything to do with art whether it is nails, makeup, pedicure, manicure, I am a seamstress and I love to sew, I like designing and it is a wonderful feeling today to have a certificate to show that I can do something.”news 20171221 3

“I feel proud having graduated!” Those were the words of Natesha Seymour who graduated in Chinese (Mandarin). Seymour who completed level one and two of the foreign language told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that “Mandarin is a language that persons would not consider learning, but I took the opportunity when I got it and I furthered my studies in it. I actually got to love it and intend on continuing until I learn it fluently.”news 20171221 2

The programmes offered by Generation Next, is driven by a mission and a vision to empower men and women, more specifically youth through technical 20171221 4


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